Fall Fonts Festival
The Design Center, DT&G's Typography Department: 2003 Fall Fonts Festival  
Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone loves the autumn and holiday season! This time of year is a wonderful time for decorating your publications with fonts that lend the feeling of warmth and comfort. This month's fonts are no exception.
      Above you see our "Thanksgiving" message written in Black Jack Script, which in our humble opinion is not a fitting name for this fresh and inviting casual script. It's created by Ronna of Typadelic Fonts and is free for your modern but casual greetings. The designer invites comments, and would like to hear from you if you use it. See all the details at the Publishers' Warehouse Fonts department.
      If you read our "Heritage Fonts" special you're probably yearning for an antique font similar to...

Plymouth is a typeface with an antique rough look to it, but that's not why it was developed. It was originally in demand for compact disc titles in 1992. First on "The Essential Johnny Cash, 1955 -1983" a three CD box set, then on Hawkwind's "This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic" a 1992 release of their 80's live from Stonehenge recording. It was authored as shareware by Rick W. Mueller, and you can download it today in the Publishers' Warehouse.

Pushkin handwriting font

Pushkin is a unique font developed in 1999 by Para Type. It's based on the handwriting of Pushkin. It contains the Russian and Latin letters, as well as Puskin's own initials ( @ ) and signature (#, $). You can download this font free in the Publishers' Warehouse. The author invites you to have your personal font developed, based on your own handwriting!

Nick Curtis is back with his highly distinctive art deco font Bete Noir. While NIck says it's a "new take on Letraset Dolmen, with bold geometric elements added to give a strong exotic flavor, redolent of Africa or the Caribbean" we think it also has a touch of wood cutting. So, it would be a perfect complement for wood-cut art! Nick further explains: "The treatment was inspired by an old poster for American comedienne-turned-cabaret-star Josephine Baker, who shocked Paris and the world in the 20's with her vibrant, unabashed sexuality." Nicks Fonts are also featured in the IndieFonts 2 Book/CD package, which includes "Annabelle" another superb font from Nick's pen.

More to be seen...

We have several other super nice fonts in the Publishers' Warehouse this month including: The Parish font -- a gothic/slab hybrid for headlines, Pupcat, a wonderfully casual sans with little-big letters, Touchdown a perfect font for football season, and even a complete collection of traffic and highway signs in font form!
      Don't forget, all of these can be seen along with hundreds of others in the Publishers' Warehouse Fonts department. If you read our monthly newsletter, you'll get directions to each month's offerings, but if you can't wait, just stop in and pick up the keys!

Happy Thanksgiving

Also see this wonderful quotation from Benjamin Franklin, for all you designers, writers and typographers out there. (This one is set in "Matyflower" -- as if it could have been penned by Ben himself -- another superb hand script from the Sherwood Foundry, featured on the IndieFonts 2 Book/CD package.

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