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"No other font sends a more human message than fonts that simulate handwriting... "
Here is one of the best hand stroke fonts I've seen in a long time. Jerrry Gallo has set GALLO CASUAL with some rather distinctive characters that say 'by hand.'
___ Note how the lower case 'a' and 'e' lend a unique feeling to this typography. It's ideal for messages you want the reader to relate to. It's not just for light use either -- this font will work equally well for notes on engineer drawings, blue prints or others where you need to portray "hand written note."
In this month's U&Lc from ITC, our friend Ilene Strizver writes:

Calligraphic fonts resemble elegant handwriting. They often look as if they were drawn with flat-tipped pens or brushes; occasionally, they even include the drips, spots, blotches and irregularities characteristic of hand-drawn letters.

This can be said about any hand-drawn type style. Ilene further says:

"Because of their human, organic quality, calligraphic fonts can be the perfect choice for designing personalized invitations, announcements, and greeting cards. They’ve been used to set short poems and proverbs, and are often seen on projects that need to convey a sense of personality, such as posters, book covers and CD packaging. Calligraphic type designs are a great source for decorative initial letters to liven up text applications, too."

Not just a foundry...

I discovered last week that Jerry Gallo is not just a font creator. His talents can come in very handy for anyone involved in the graphic design field.
___ We have a client who uses just a few characters from a font in their publication. In attempting to pre-format the text (90 page booklet) out of a Filemaker Pro database into a Quark XPreess pre-tagged file, the few characters were causing lots of problems.
___ Jerry Gallo came to the rescue bringing the characters into the main font used in the publication. Instantly we had the ability to pre-code the book using Quark style sheet tags right out of the database! Presto, instant book!
Great work Jerry.

Graphics By Gallo
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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