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Gerald Gallo Fonts for 2010

So it looks like we're in for a good year for Fonts in 2010.

Grunge Gothic and Art Nouveau

Gallo Fonts Mr. Gallo is back, and this time with a collection of great display fonts to give your publications a classic period look! Classic Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Gothic and even a 'grunge' Gothic! Enjoy! Gallo Classics

Gallo Fonts kicks off the year ...

We've got a bunch of new fonts to show off -- all created by Gerald Gallo! His picture and dingbat fonts are a specialty with a new quilt pattern font along with flowers, fish and birds, and a family of new display fonts called Dots.Dots? I see dots!

Tree Assortment

Gallo Trees This new PostScript Type 1 font from Gerald Gallo simply presents an assortment of Trees. Use this font for logo starts, borders, and even the basis for illustration. You can always use more trees.
NOTE THIS Click here for a PNG file of the full font so you can see the characters without having to install the font.

Gallo Trees

Visit Jerry in his virtual studios and see not only some of his graphic design work, but his full collection of fonts as well. Visit Graphics by Gallo, and see his other great works...
NOTE THIS www.GraphicsByGallo.com


Gerald Gallo Fonts for 2008

Gallo Fonts for 2008 Jerry has added more than 138 new fonts to the Gallo collection since we first met him way back in the Fonts Festival of 1998. This year he brings us three new ding-bats fonts, and a collection of Gothic titling and initial caps. Updated once again with
a collection of Art Nouveau Ornaments


Ornaments & Quilting Patterns

Gallo Holy Ornaments

Holy Ornaments was inspired by the religious motifs used to embellish altar cloths, crosses, and church vestments in the Middle Ages.

Gallo Holy Ornaments

There is an assortment of 47 ornaments located under the character set keys. new Gallo ornament font, Holy Ornaments. Also click here to view the sample file showing all the characters.

Gallo Oriental Ornaments

Oriental Ornaments was inspired by the ancient design motifs of the far east. There is an assortment of 85 ornaments located under the character set and shift + character set keys.

Gallo Oriental Symbols and Patterns

Attached is a Stuffit archive containing PostScript Type 1 screen and printer fonts of a new Gallo ornament font, Oriental Ornaments. Also click here to view the sample file showing all the characters.

Gallo Quilt Patterns One

This new Gallo specialty font, Quilt Patterns One -- inspired by the patchwork designs used in quiltmaking in early America. There is an assortment of 94 patterns located under the character set and shift+character set keys.

Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns One is based on the nine patch pattern, a block that is 3 squares by 3 squares, the most basic and most common. The nine patch pattern can be subdivided into 6 squares by 6 squares, 9 squares by 9 squares, etc. Characters of Quilt Patterns One can be typed in a vector drawing program and then converted to paths/outlines, color may then be added to various parts of a given pattern. Patterns can be stacked horizontally and vertically creating an infinite number of quilt designs.

There are now 126 fonts in the Gallo collection.

The year of the dingbat! From all corners of the world, we're getting dingbats and dingbat fonts. But no one creates dingbats, ornaments and picture fonts quite as nicely as Gerald Gallo!

In February we told you about his "Creatures" symbol fonts. Since then he has introduced another half dozen great picture fonts, and a line of unique Oblique fonts.

For the holidays


Yes, another one! This PostScript Type 1 screen and printer font is called Fleuron Ornaments. These come in handy for everything from letterhead and logo marks to wonderfully period wallpaper backgrounds, borders and augmentative illustrations

Jerry Gallo says:
      Fleuron Ornaments was inspired by old world designs and patterns. There are now 122 fonts in the Gallo collection.

Gallo's wonderful world of ornamental fonts...

Much overlooked ornament fonts come in handy in a myriad of ways. Once you have your ornamental configuration form keystroked letters (single ornaments,) you can reverse it, enlarge it, shrink it, add a background, tilt it, skew it, or simply put it in a frame. Using Adobe Illustrator's character tools for tracking, kerning and spacing, you can generate literally thousands of combinations for a unique look.

Picture Fonts
We begin our journey with Gallo's Floral ornaments font... this is one that is perfect for the fall -- or really any time of year you want to decorate with a garden motif. All are drawn with the precision of an engineer and the soul of an artist!

Picture Fonts
Next is Gallo's Elegant Rosette Ornaments. From the true Victorian and Art Nouveau periods comes this collection of high-style, high-quality printers' ornaments.

Picture Fonts
The "Rosette Ornaments" font continues Gallo's Victorian and Art Nouveau theme with unique rosettes. Each in this collection is unique and almost all are 'round' oriented.

Picture Fonts
Spanning from the Art Nouveau period to modern day, any of Gallo's unique "Spiral Ornaments" can add a decorative quirk to your pages. What we found most useful about this font was not so much as a font for typesetting -- but rather a handy collection of circular shapes which, in Adobe Illustrator, can form a starting point for other illustration work. Just convert to paths and keep drawing!

Picture Fonts
Finally, just in time for our Fall Fonts Festival, this elegant and diverse collection of leaves will come in handy! Gallo calls these his "Victorian Leaf Ornaments" but we see nothing here that ties it to the Victorian period exclusively. These are the best drawn leaves you'll find in any commercial font! Bar none!

Now, check out Gallo's Heraldic Shields, his Ornamental Creatures fonts and the ultimate Ornate Initials font.

Find these and many more on Gerald's Ornaments page


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Visit Jerry in his virtual studios and see not only some of his graphic design work, but his full collection of fonts as well. Visit Graphics by Gallo, and see his other great works...

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