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Type and Fonts - GALLO FONTS - in the Design Center

Type and Fonts - GALLO FONTS - in the Design Center

Built-In Design

Gerald Gallo established his graphic design services in 1974, and went on to produce logos, trademarks, custom fonts and illustration work for numerous clients. His work has been published in major design magazines and books featuring his designs. In 1999, a US Postage stamp designed by Gallo commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union was issued in Beijing, China. He lives and works in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
___ Gerald has specialized in designing specialized logotypes and unique lettering. It's reflected in his outstanding collection of 55 Macintosh Type 1 fonts now available on CD. His most stunning work is seen in the unique ornament and specialty font collection.

Type and Fonts - GALLO FONTS - in the Design Center___ The header of the page uses Gallo's own "Gallo Serif" font, and just a few of the "characters" of the "GREETINGS" font are shown above. As you can see it's really not a font at all, but rather a collection of great word configurations styled for publishing.
At right you see the "Number Ornaments" font, which contains sets of numbers with lively illustrations. Also included are nicely rendered numbers in circles, diamonds, stars, shields, and, yes, even apples.
___ The "Isometric Ornaments" font is a unique collection of isometric solids with some real brain teasers built in, and the Monogram Font sampled at right below offer some neat possibilities for drop caps.
Type and Fonts - GALLO FONTS - in the Design Center___ Most unique however is the font Gallo calls "Logo Font"... where characters are designed to fit together into finished logos, ready to use.
___ In future issues of DT&G we'll show you some of the other great fonts in the GALLO collection including a good "Grunge" style font and some rather unique fonts built of blocks that take on a grayscale appearance.
___ In the mean time, you can visit Gallo in his virtual studios and see not only some of his graphic design work, but his full collection of fonts as well.

Graphics By Gallo
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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