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Getting Intense with Display Type

... from Gallo Fonts

What's springtime without some new fonts and trees! Jerry Gallo comes forth with an all new icon font called "Trees" that gives you some nice foliage to work with ...

If you read our article tutorial on "Putting images into type" with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, you've probably been looking for a font that works beautifully for that purpose!

image in typeLook no further than Gallo's new "Display Intense" font... it's ideal for those occassions when you want to put images into the typeforms. It's also great for logos, symbols and any place you need heavy-duty killer type.

trees in typeNow add in Jerry's latest picture font called "Trees" and you've got the makings of some fun graphics for springtime. With this collection you can render, duplicate and modify all these trees (and more, actually) into your graphics files. They'll make great raw material for logos, symbols and display configurations as well. (He's even supplied you with a PDF file of the full font!)

Tree Font from Gallo

Of course you'll also need Jerry's latest masterpiece Display Intense. This is a display font designed specifically for display, headline, logotype and similar applications. Beware: it is not intended for text use or for use at small sizes -- this type needs to be HUGE.

Display Intense from Gallo Fonts

Visit Jerry in his virtual studios and see not only some of his graphic design work, but his full collection of fonts as well. Visit Graphics by Gallo, and see his fabulous

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