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Mrs. Goudy inspires greatness...

Here's a superbly elegant rendering of the famed font, and one not to be missed by any designer.
___ Frederick Goudy's Bertham font was one of the less publicized fonts from his collection, yet in my opinion one of the most elegant. Compared to the "Goudy" font, his most popular font, I feel this one retains more of the lyrical feeling of the pen while retain it's Roman stature for really fine text settings. Note the numerals, and many of the other characters are downright handsome by themselves.
___ The original drawings and matrices of Bertham were lost in a fire in 1939, but the complete roman font was displayed in Goudy's “Half Century of Type Design” (page 210). The font was named for Goudy's wife, Bertha, so that made it the perfect font for me to use when I wrote a letter to my wife, yesterday on our 30th wedding anniversary!
Bertham is simply wonderful for any text. It's designed to read, and that it does extremely well. It also makes superbly elegant headlines, and specialized type configurations (as illustrated above) so don't be afraid to use it for any occasion.
___ The font is available for download in the Publishers' Warehouse and is an ATM-compatible Type 1 format. The Fontographer outline source file is also included, but please, no modifications.
___ Unfortunately, somehow, the artist of this rendering of Frederick Goudy's Bertham type neglected to include his (her) name in the 'read me' file, so we cannot tell you who rendered it.
If the creator of this font happens to run across this review, please contact us so due credits can be given.
Compare Bertham's lower case "a"
with that of "Village"

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