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New Day Script

Here's a wonderfully fresh and casual hand script sent in by Mike Freiman --

New Day will serve not only for uses like menus, greeting cards, and other 'decorative' applications -- but will serve very well for publication design. It reads well, and by virtue of its extended nature it works well in smaller sizes too!

From the author: Rick Mueller, Elkader IA

NEW DAY-SCRIPT is my version of a typeface that goes by several names, Compliment and Birthday. For legibility, the uppercase characters in this font should not be used in an all-caps setting. This font has many uses including: ads, newsletters, headlines, etc. This typeface also includes many of the special characters supported by Apple computers. (Use Key Caps or some other program to find the characters you need.) Remember, even if you use this font only once, it's well worth the asking price of $5.00 shareware. Please let me know which typeface/format you're using, and also where you got it, thanks.

Rick W. Mueller
NEW DAY-SCRIPT (ver. 1.01) copyrighted 1993, all rights reserved --
P.S. We would love to see any of your designs, (newsletters, Brochures, etc.) created using this display face.

You can download these fonts directly from the author's site by clicking links in the Loading Dock. If you don't have this month's directions, you'll have to request them in the Publishers' Warehouse

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