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graphic design type font Harrington from Sam Wang

This wonderful Type 1 font dates back to the Art Nouveau period and was revived for use today by Font Crafter Samual Wang, one of our favorite shareware font creator.

It works with ATM and will work with all PostScript compatible printers as well.
graphic design type font Harrington from Sam Wang

from the author
. . . This is a FREE font, dedicated to Dave Small, whose genius has given so many of us so much more opportunities. Harrington is full of curves, and is great for fancy love notes. Please don't over-use it.
graphic design type font Harrington from Sam Wang

graphic design type font Harrington from Sam WangYou may use it or give it away, provided that you read and follow the attached "Read Me" file. You may not sell it, however. The author retains all rights. Though this is free, a donation of $5 will be gratefully accepted.
Suggestions, accolades, or complaints may be sent to:
Sam Wang, 108 Poole Lane, Clemson, SC 29631 USA

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