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Hearts dingbat font


Just in time for Valentine's Day here's a groovy retro-style font containing 70 heart illustrations.

Each illustration is ready to use for printing on Greeting Cards, T-Shirts and other Valentine's Day gifts.

Hearts modifications

Use this font in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or your favorite graphics program that uses vectors and the pen tool to modify curves. Convert to outlines, then apply modifications for literally millions of possible combinations.

Why do we like this font?

First of all, the quality is 100% better than most of the free fonts you'll download. Secondly, it is delivered to you as an OpenType font, meaning it's cross platform and you can use it in your Mac and your PC.

black and white fonts

Kapitza image-based typefaces
* Click for a Full Page Sample
* Click for a fun color sample
* OpenType font, cross platform Mac + PC 70 characters 29
* Created by Kapitza Studio
* kapitza.com

Be sure to see David Bergsland's "Using dingbats for art tutorial to put these excellent fonts to work!

These of course are commercial fonts. You get what you pay for... however, if you aren't in the mood for a commercial hearts font, just log into our Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock (If you don't have this month's directions, you'll need to request them in the Publishers' Warehouse) and there you'll find literally dozens of great selections

If you'd like to discuss these, or share questions with other DTG readers, just zip on over to the DTG Forums where design discussions are already in progress!

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