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Holiday Ornaments Fonts

We thought we'd make your holiday season a bit brighter with a hand-picked selection of fonts for use over the holidays. You can download these from the Publishers'Warehouse and use them to decorate your ads, brochures, greeting cards, posters, gifts, gift wrap, and all manner of publications.

The Ornaments Font (in our header above) is from Bruce Shanker, Warminster, PA, featuring letters and numbers within hanging ornaments. There are additional Christmas symbols and symbols hidden in other characters! Be sure to also see the fine collection of ornaments from Gallo Graphics & Fonts as well as P22!

Goudy Medieval Font Goudy Medieval Font is carefully crafted by Lisa Wade of Mentor Type featuring all upper/lower case, numerals & punctuation. It reminds us of Caslon Old Style and although most appropriately used as a decorative or manuscript font, it reads remarkably well as a text font as well. Bravo, Lisa.

BlackChancery is a wonderful calligraphic Type 1 PostScript font by our friend Doug Miles. (Used below.) It's based on the public domain bitmap font of the same name. It's a good looking and useful display font, lending itself well to many occasions. We also think you'll enjoy our interview with Doug.

HARRINGTON font HARRINGTON Font comes to us from the font wizardry of Sam Wang, from Clemson, SC. We have a buschel of other Wang fonts to bring you in the future, but this one looked perfect for "The Night Before Christmas" and will brighten any of your holiday publications with a festive touch. Sam says this is a FREE font which he has dedicated to Dave Small, whose genius has given so many of us so much more opportunities.Sam recommends that it's also great for fancy love notes. We couldn't agree more! (By the way, Harrington now ships with all Macintosh computers as an installed, default font!)

Igloo Snow cap font

ToneAndDebs (above) is a fun font by David Rakowski fashioned after many of the other snow-capped fonts we've seen for years -- just right for the holidays. It is very similar to one of the Havanna Fonts reviewed last month.
(Editor's note: If you have a real need for the IGLOO, or Tone & Debs font, we recommend you purchase from Havanna or the No-Hype Type CD, since this one will produce an "Offending Command 'M'" if converting to paths in Illustrator. #2: The Ornaments font is NOT included on the disk, since we have not heard back from the author yet.)

happy Holidays twith BlackChancery font

Download all of these fonts, and several dozen more in the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock (If you don't have this month's directions, you'll need to request them in the Publishers' Warehouse)

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