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The Design & Publishing Center's "&Type" department has been on the web for ten years! Having launched online via GEnie, Delphi, and AOL in 1990, we're now fourteen years online, ten of those on the web!

FontAgent now Bundles Open Type Fonts

FontAgent now Bundles Open Type FontsInsider Software and Bitstream have partnered to bring a bundle of professional OpenType fonts from Bitstream's extensive professional Open Type font collection to purchasers of FontAgent Pro Plus for Macintosh and Windows. The collection contains well-defined kerning pairs, full Character Sets,and reliable metadata, and includes book and text fonts, creative and display fonts, script and handwriting fonts, mono-width fonts and symbol and dingbat fonts.

Fonts: Gallo's Tree Assortment

Gallo Trees Since you can always use more tree graphics -- we present the first new font from Gerald Gallo for 2009 -- a nifty collection of trees from realistic to fantasy, to stylized for logos! Gallo presents the Tree Assortment

Auntie Pat: extraordinary script from David Bergsland

David Bergsland Typography expert David Bergsland introduces you his latest masterpiece, the Open Type Pro script Auntie Pat. We call this a humanist italic that behaves like a script -- but hidden under the Gliphs palette, you'll find riches! ... ladies and gentlemen, meet Auntie Pat Script

The Adobe Type Library Reference Book

George Engel book review George M Engel has always loved fonts... ever since the beginning of digital fonts. Now, he peeks inside the latest and greatest book for anyone who loves to see and use fonts of all kinds... and it's straight from the fonts people themselves: The Adobe Type Library Reference Book

Font Collection for Educators

AdobeADOBE SYSTEMS now offers a comprehensive and affordable OpenType® font collection for teaching and learning about typography. Developed in collaboration with AIGA, the professional association for design, Adobe® Font Folio® Education Essentials software enables higher education students and faculty to design and express creative ideas using OpenType - the cross-platform solution for creative professionals. Font Collection for Educators

Gerald Gallo Fonts for 2008

GET THISGallo Fonts for 2008 Jerry has added more than 138 new fonts to the Gallo collection since we first met him way back in the Fonts Festival of 1998. This year he brings us three new ding-bats fonts, and a collection of Gothic titling and initial caps...
Gallo presents Gothic Initials and Floral Pictograms

2008 Fall Fonts Festival

Letterforms that shaped a generation

Thomas Morris If you ever rocked out at a concert by the Doors, New Riders or Commander Cody in the San Fran bay area back in the day, then you already know Thomas Morris -- he created the concert posters! Today, he's still producing breath-taking graphics and superb typographic creations and we're going to take a little field trip to his studio ... Thomas Morris Design

Book Fonts: what are they, why do we want them

David Bergsland Typography expert David Bergsland talks about book fonts and why their readability, legibility, smooth type color and other characteristics are important to designers. We also show you some samples of David's just-released "Amitale" book font. Follow along as we answer the question What are Book Fonts, why do we need them

If you only had ONE FONT

If you only had one font, what would it be? DTG went into Fred's LinkedIN network and asked this question: "If you could have only one font, which would it be and why?" These are just some of the responses we got. Some are thoughtful, some are crazy, all are enjoyable to read ... If you only had ONE FONT

A Brief History of Typography

Gutenberg After teaching typography for years, We were pleased to find this essay by Thomas W. Phinney because of its accuracy. With permission, have taken the liberty of enhancing the texts, adding links and updating links that had gone dead. Part 1 of this essay will help all graphic designers learn and understand the History of Typography

Font & Type Fantasy

Serif Fairy THE SERIF FAIRY has lost her wing, keeping her from performing magic. This is an amazing book for type aficionados and their children created by Rene Siegfried using typography and letter forms exclusively to create the playful illustrations. Then we look at "Hand Job: A Catalog of Type" that focuses on hand lettered typography for those sick and tired of seeing computer type! Two books you'll really like Font & Type Fantasy

Text on a Path with PagePlus

Serif PagePlus A lot of people think you have to purchase Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress to get all the features available to desktop publishers, but as we discover more and more powers in PagePlus X3 we're beginning to think there's a third choice! In this brief tutorial, we'll show you how simple it is to use PagePlus for Text on a Path

Gerald Gallo Fonts for 2008

Gallo Fonts for 2008 Jerry has added more than 138 new fonts to the Gallo collection since we first met him way back in the Fonts Festival of 1998. This year he brings us three new ding-bats fonts, and a collection of Gothic titling and initial caps...
Gallo presents Gothic Initials and Floral Pictograms

Fred's Famous Fonts Surf for 2008

Fred Showker takes you one the DTG 2008 Fall Fonts Festival surf for fonts In this year's surf we'll design some cool stuff with typography, introduce you to Linotype's Font Explorer; see how to prune excess fonts in OS X; check out a series of very cool tutorials, visit a Free Grungy Font Resource and look in on the foundries of some very special font creators. Oh, and all along the way, we'll see some fun and unique fonts! So join me for the 2008 Fall Fonts Surf, Part 1

2008 Font Resources of Note

DTG Fonts Fest...from some extensive typography and fonts research, I'll share some surfing and testing I've done regarding font tools including: FontVista * Charmas * FontCard * FontForge * Font Finagler * Art Text... and some tutorials on working with type and typography. You can never have enough type and fonts tools, so enjoy these Font & Typography Resources

Type faces speak to your readers... delivers the visual message

Type, fonts personality the next article in our series on publication design deals with selecting typography, type faces or fonts that evoke the theme, emotion, and personality of the message. All publications are aimed at a specific target readership -- it's the designer's challenge to purvey and reinforce the message to that readership using the best Type faces that speak to your readers

Timothy Donaldson ... luscious fonts with a brush

Tim Donaldson When he was two years old, Tim Donaldson amazed his parents by being able to name each of the ships that passed by his home on the Manchester Ship Canal, near Manchester, England. Today, this heightened awareness of minute details provides his insight into creating luscious letterforms and calligraphic typography like his Humana and Neo Neo fonts.

Neville Brody: Modern-day typography superstar

Neville Brody Here we visit the works of British designer, art director and leading-edge font designer of the ultra-quality fonts from Linotype Foundry :: Insignia: hip, cutting-edge sans with an attitude :: Industria: multi-purpose, killer condensed sans :: Arcadia: Art Deco styling, ultra-urban :: Neville Brody: Modern-day typography superstar

Live Typography in Illustrator Patterns?

Artlandia Live Patterns in Adobe Illustrator Picture this: you've built a great pattern using letters or typography in Illustrator, and the client calls to update the text! OH NO! You'll have to start over. Not if you get plug-in for simultaneous interactive editing of multiple objects in this fantastic new plug-in Artlandia LivePresets for Adobe Illustrator

TypeBook Creator: make cool font books

typebook Veenix sent in this little fonts utility for Mac users and we immediately started making type books. The TypeBook Creator allows you to create and print type specimen books of your entire font collection -- it even categorizes types according to styles -- then prints from an assortment of layouts. We think you're going to like TypeBook Creator

Typographics Part 2

TUBELast year we introduced video into the Fall Fonts Festival and it was so well received we decided to do it again! So, here's another stunning line-up of great videos produced around the topic of type, typography and fonts -- including a special documentary featuring Steven Heller, and a superb presentation on letterpress printing. Hope you enjoy this years Typographics Part 2

Bodoni Open: elegant beauty of rhythm of form

Bodoni Open Little did Giovanni Battista Bodoni know that when he chiseled his first font that it would become a timeless classic which would endure all time. To understand why Bodoni has been called the "father of modern typefaces" we revisit the many splendid uses of the elegant typeface Bodoni Open

Newsletters: Graphic Design for Hard Times

Newsletter designor... let design and layout save you from the slump! You may have forgotten -- during economic down-turns, the newsletter is one of the best vehicles for pumping up identity and loyalty in both commercial business and organizations. Here, we look at enhancing the design of a nonprofit newsletter for real impact and results -- first in a series Designing your newsletter

New Vintage Type - Classic Fonts for the Digital Age

Vintage Type a spectacular new book -- nearly 100% eye candy and knock-out visual inspiration -- introduces you to the beauty and utility of fonts from the past! From the Victorian Age, to Woodtype, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and even the Eccentric movement you'll find them all in New Vintage Type

Alex White: Design's Function & Typography

Alex White The leading expert on graphic design and typography, Alex White, shares words of wisdom on the function of design and how typography can be the most difficult component of the designer's tool box... A challenge for designers

Typographic Craftsmanship

Typography We continue with an example from Alex White's latest book Advertising Design & Typography that demonstrates how the level of craftsmanship is magnified in display type. A superb example from Herb Lubalin gives us an undeniable lesson in Typographic Craftsmanship

Headline Design Tips & Tricks Tutorial

Fred Showker If you've been following our series on typography, hopefully you've already digested Alex White's Design's Function & Typography article and it's continued pages. I launch off that article, with the help of visual & editorial communications expert Ronnie Lipton, to investigate some powerful exercises for Designing Headline & Display Type

Advertising Design and Typography

Advertising Design and TypographyIf you think advertising design has lost its impact and gone flat, you're right. What graphic designers need today is a good juice in the arm to start thinking again and get to the powers of visual dynamics. Well, thank goodness, the Alex White is here to give you that juice in Advertising Design and Typography

Humanist Sans Serif: What is it?

David Bergsland Typography expert David Bergsland introduces you to the beauty and utility of a good Humanist sans-serif type face -- along with examples and comparison chart. PLUS: a special offer to buy two for about the price of one... Humanist Sans: what it is and why you need at least one!

What's My Font?

GeorgeAuthor and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- with some rants, pet peeves, and favorite type faces -- and why (along with picture samples) as a continuation of last month's article. You can even download a whimsical font recommended by George in ... What's My Font

The Canadian (Type) Connection

Canada Type Digital type design firm Canada Type joins the festival this year with lots of new font packages for Mac and PC, including some very cool retro fonts and specialty titling fonts; all from the penmanship of Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari who call themselves Canada Type

2007 Type Fonts from P22

Underground P22 is one of the most prolific and prestigious foundries in the world, and this year was a bumper... from calligraphic Matador to medieval Vale and King's Fount to the Art Deco Obelysk Grotesk, and the extensive revival of Edward Johnston's Underground ... Go P22

Creating Typography with Character

Maggie Macnab Special guest author and designer, Maggie Macnab takes a look at today's typography. She provides some thought provoking insights into taking the right approach when designing with typefaces. See samples from some of todays graphic design authorities -- so you can learn how to create Typography with Character

13th Annual Fonts Surf

Fred Showker Each year we search the web for beneficial, informative, crazy, cool, valuable, or otherwise interesting web sites and resources revolving around the world of fonts, type and typography. This year, we've found some doozies! Follow along as Fred surfs for type, fonts and typography

Lessons in Typography & Style

lettering style lessons There are valuable lessons to be learned from the golden age of commercial art... and the label art for fruit and vegetable crates. Follow along, as we take a look at some stunning Americana style art, and Learn some important lessons in Type and Lettering

Outlining Type: Right or Wrong:

Photoshop Tutorial If you read the Photoshop Madness listed above, then you'll understand what we're doing here. This tutorial points out the wrong and right ways to outline shapes, like typography, in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Outlining Type: What's Right or Wrong

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