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The Design & Publishing Center's "&Type" department has been on the web for ten years! Having launched online via GEnie, Delphi, and AOL in 1990, we're now fourteen years online, ten of those on the web!

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Editor's Choice: Indie Fonts 3

fonts festival 13 in DTG Magazine The Fonts event of the year... Indie Fonts 3rd edition, featuring lavishly illustrated samplings of thousands of fonts, and FREE fonts on CD-Rom from 59 participating font and type designers. This is one must-have book for all graphic designers... Indie Fonts 3

Type & Typography according to George

GeorgeAuthor and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- talks about one of his long time passions, type and typography -- he shares some of his favorite fonts and hard-learned tips on making a better newsletter... My Typography Demo

Type & Typography in motion: Typographics

Fonts Fest ContentWhat happens when you put typography together with cinematography? Some really special visuals, that's what! Witness this student film created by Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich at Vancouver Film School. Then take a video tour of some of our other favorite Type & Typography in motion

Spotlight: Blue Vinyl Fonts

Visit the Blue Vinyl font foundry where JESS LATHAM's freeware and commercial fonts are sure to please! You'll also like his picture and dingbat fonts to add a little punch to your graphic designs... Blue Vinyl font foundry

Ornaments & Quilting Patterns

Gallo Fonts Outline them, shade them, texturize them, or just use them to decorate design projects with the classic lithography look. Gerald Gallo brings three new dingbats fonts for religious and oriental themes, and some unique elements for building Dutch / Amish quilting patterns Gallo Holy Ornaments, Oriental Symbols and Quilt Patterns

Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds

Erik Spiekermanby Erik Spiekerman & Jan Middendrop is a spectacular book that will thrill anyone involved in the visual arts! I haven't seen a book that is (seriously) this much fun to look at and thrum through since Leslie Cabarga's Logo, Font & Lettering Bible. This is one that no self-respecting graphic designer should be without! Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds

Using Numbers in the proper Case

David Bergsland With the new typography fonts now include several sets of numbers to be used in different areas of your documents. David Bergsland shares some expert advice on Using Numbers in the proper Case

Hearts (Font) for your Valentine

Gallo Fonts Outline them, shade them, texturize them, or just use them to decorate your lover... just in time for Valentine's Day, check out this groovy retro-style font containing 70 heart illustrations. from... Kapitza image-based typefaces

Fleuron Ornaments... for the Holidays

Gallo FontsHere comes Gerald Gallo with yet another ornamental font -- Fleuron Ornaments, perfect for everything from letterheads to logos to wallpaper gift wrap! from antique flowers to Art Nouveau ornaments to modern-day swirls... Gallo Fleuron Ornaments

Favorite Holiday Fonts

Holidy FontsLet's revisit a series of fonts that are perfect for the holidays, ... the Ornaments Font, Goudy Medieval, BlackChancery, Harrington, ToneAndDebs, and, of course snow-capped IGLOO round out some cool Favorite Holiday Fonts

Type: Making Art with Dingbats

David BergslandWith all the cool dingbat and picture fonts available, opportunities abound for quick and easy graphic illustrations. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland walks you through each step in making Art from Dingbats

Superb Holiday Ding-bats

P22Utilize fonts for quick, stylish icons, cartouches, and ornamentation all directly from the keyboard... and these handsome crafted ornaments fonts by the Lanston Foundry guarantee selection, quality of drawing, and even two-color matrixes in Holiday Ornaments Sets

12th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Yes, for 12 years of festivals, this one has got to be the best... new foundries, new fonts, new typography celebrities, and a lot of great content from trusted friends. It's the year of the ornamants and dingbats font, and a return to the classic type of yesteryear mixed with the latest trends -- all in the ...
12th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Seymour Chwast: icon of contemporary graphic arts

Seymour Chwast We have a short visit with Seymour Chwast during his recent visit to JMU... and take a look at some of the visual design and illustration that helped shape a generation of graphic designers ... meet the Left Handed Designer... Seymour Chwast

Take a Type Tour with Fred...

Fonts Festival When I realized this is actually the 12th year we've been holding the annual Fall Fonts Festival, I decided to do a little wandering on the web. I went here and there for almost an entire afternoon of research. Now, I invite you to come along and enjoy some interesting, weird, whacky, cool and entertaining places I visited on my Type Tour...

Chris Costello is ...

Chris the guy who designed the "Papyrus" font, so familiar to Mac users... but it dates back to 1983 with Letraset press type! What's Chris been up to since then? A blockbuster fonts collection, all inspired by Antiquity

Run-in Headlines

David BergslandDavid Bergsland sez: "Until very recently, what we used to call run-in heads have been very painful to produce." now, he'll show you how to do it, and give you some very good reasons for making... Run-in Headlines

Textura Blackletters in time for Halloween

BlackletterSome people call Blackletter fonts "Old English" -- what ever you call them, these new ones from P22 type foundry bring some rather special capabilities to the table... new Blackletters from P22

Graphic Design: LOGOs back to basics

Dan Antonelli is back with another thoughtful look at logo design. In this article, Dan asks if we are over-designing logos, and demonstrates a low-cost, two-color approach that takes Logo Design Back to the Basics

The Year of the Ornament Font

Gallo FontsHere comes Gerald Gallo again with a collection of ornamental icons and dingbats fonts that span from antique flowers to Art Nouveau ornaments to modern-day swirls... Gallo Ornaments Fonts

The Declaration font set

DeclarationP22 type foundry announces The Declaration font set based on the script of the historic document of 1776 - actually 3 fonts, two lettering fonts based on the Declaration of Independence and a third font featuring all 56 signatures found on the document. The Declaration font


Letter as Image L.A. area designers, illustrators and typographers will be treated to this April gallery opening when six of the most influential graphic designers in the world blur the distinctions between illustration, lettering and graphic design... Letter As Image / Image As Letter

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