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The Design & Publishing Center's "&Type" department has been on the web for ten years! Having launched online via GEnie, Delphi, and AOL in 1990, we're now fourteen years online, ten of those on the web!

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Gallo Heraldic Symbols Fonts

Gallo FontsPresenting three new symbol fonts from Gallo including Heraldic Symbols, creatures, griffins, Heraldic Shields, and classic Ultimate Symbols printer glyphs and ornaments from the mid-1800s. Gallo Heraldic Symbols

Everyone needs a little Script

... start your year off right with a new line-up of great scripts including: Cruz Script Set from Ray Cruz; Sweepy from Michael Clark; and Operina Pro from James Grieshaber -- give yourself a little Script

Make A Prominent Statement

Gallo is back with an all new Display face that is ideal for big type statements and for use on the internet... Display Prominent

11th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

FEST ... this month we visit some fun fonts from the archives of the Publishers' Warehouse... from a dancing sans to the whacky Hero of Fools, we'll have a great time... 2 Speed Ball nibs, two Art Nouveau styles, a Herkules revival; plus Spit Shine and Fat Stack, two wonderful display fonts!! Fall Fonts Festival

Feature: Leipziger Lives Again

Tim AhrensTypography Master Tim Ahrens presents his revival and redesign of "Leipziger Antiqua" by Albert Kapr, Germany, 1971. This revival called Lapture is a stunning example of a marriage between gothic blackletter and a modern text face... Leipziger Lives Again

Feature: P22 Sets The Bar

P22You've heard of such names as Frederick W. Goudy, Monotype, Caslon, Giambattista Bodoni, Jensen, and Gerald Giampa? Well P22 has increased their fonts collection by more than 100 fonts since the last time we visited them. Join us for our visit to the P22 Font Foundry; the awesome Cezanne Pro script hand lettering font and the Lanston Foundry Re-Mastering of Frederic Goudy fonts

Readers talk about Type & Typography

FontsThis month's topic brought some truly insightful and amusing commentary from the DTG and Design Cafe readers! We liked them all, and they all win a great prize. Enjoy... ... Fonts, Type & Typography

Fall Fonts Festival (Part 2)

Geko ... come along as we visit some rather special fonts from the archives of the Publishers' Warehouse... Civitype calligraphic font, just in time for the holidays; "Dance Craze" from Blue Vinyl Fonts; "Intimacy" from Emerald City Fontwerks; and two picture fonts "Fantastic Creatures" from Iconian Fonts and the very cool "Desk Space" font from Joan M. Mas. More coming throughout September and October! Fall Fonts Festival

Feature: The Font or the Tale

Bayeux Font When the Bayeux font was first downloaded, it presented an intriguing puzzle. Who made it and why? Then we discovered it's an illustration font all about the Bayeux Tapestry, one of Europe's most treasured historic artifacts. Now you can relive the 1066 Battle of Hastings through three versions of the Bas Bayeux Font

Gallo Goes for the Field Goal...

Gallo FontsThe Gallo graphics and type foundry always comes up with something new for our Fall Fonts Festival. This time we get rough and rugged just in time for football season... All new headline fonts from Gallo

Feature: Typography Masters

CarterRead about the Bitstream OpenFonts collection featuring "Charter" font, then read our tribute to Charter's creator, and the creator of the very font you are now looking at
... Matthew Carter

Field Trip: Urban Typography

Kenn MunkKenn Munk designs wonderfully different fonts and dingbats, some of which are inspired by urban typography. Travel to his neighbourhood, Frederiksbjerg Denmark, for an insightful visit with typography of bygone days; urban typography in . . .
My Type of Hood!

10th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Yes, it's the 2004 Fall Fonts Festival and we've lined up quite a tour of the most wicked, wild, wonderful font fondries on the Web. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of newly listed downloadable fonts in the Publishers' Warehouse fonts department as well as "Fred's Excellent Fonts" tour in the DTP Jumpstation. But first, join us for a quick visit to P22's latest offerings; and then pop over to the fabulous sights of the Letterheads and Chank foundries

Autumn: "Rusting in the Rain"

P22 P22 releases a nice new font set inspired by Rod McKuen's latest works, and throws in some fresh drawings (ding-bats) and even some MP3 tunes to sweeten the deal...
... Stanyan Autumn

From Ancient Mexico to Durer to the '50s

Visit four new font sets, totalling more than 24 individual faces covering history from ancient Mexican relics, through Durer, into Art Deco and through to the '50s -- it's a fun romp with some rather unique twists and turns you don't want to miss... P22 October Fonts

Interview: Leslie Cabarga

fontsFrequent questions about type, typography, fonts and lettering in email, the Design Cafe and classrooms prompted us to contact the logo, font and lettering wizard himself...
Leslie Cabarga chats about fonts and lettering

Kenn Munk: Alternate Fonts

Kenn Munk designs wonderfully different fonts and dingbats that allow the user to 'build' words, or in the case of dingbats - images. This obsesion is probably due to the hours and hours spent playing with LEGO bricks in his childhood. Shhhhh... be quiet!

Type in your face

Al WardAl Ward, author of "Photoshop for Right Brainers" walks you through an extensive tutorial using layers and layer masks for a rather striking image. More than 30 illustrations and Al's competent guidance will show you how to put type in your face!

Editor's Choice: Logos & Fonts

I predict this book by Leslie Cabarga will become a required classic for the graphic artist, designer, desktop publisher and signer. RUN, don't walk to get this book NOW:
The Logo, Font & Lettering Bible

Famous Names in Typography

A reader in Canada wanted to have names such as Garamond, Bodoni and Jenson put into perspective. So here is our understanding of The Famous Names in Typography

The Wonderful World of Calligraphy

This is the season to check out everything you can do with calligraphy

Best in Typography

James Felici deserves a special place on every computer user's desk because with the power to put words on paper there comes a responsibility to do it well. For the ultimate guide to setting perfect type, you'll need The Complete Manual of Typography

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