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ITC for Halloween!

ITC Scary Fonts Value PackIf you want commercial fonts, this collection is now on sale for just $99. It seems like a good deal for such high quality fonts. ITC says:

"Scary Fonts Value Pack

Itís creepy, its crawly. Itís the Scary Font Value Pack from ITC. Filled with five startling-good designs, this package will raise the intensity of your next project and the hair on the back of your neck.

With funky shapes and suspenseful twists, Hollyweird and Spooky are delightfully disturbing. Smack gives a unique look of splattered text while the shivering ITC Tremor will send trembles down your spine. ITC Gargoonies wraps things up with a collection of creepy images to compliment its peers.

With Halloween right around the corner, this frightening five pack is perfect for your cards, decorations, or any other project with a dark and slightly disturbing twist.

You can see the whole collection and learn more at:
ITC Scary Fonts Value Pack

Also featured this month is Nick's Nickelodeon.

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