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Here come the letter heads!
With news of the original Letterheads fonts site, I contacted the owners to join in the center. They were already well on their way to developing their own site, and opted not to participate.
___ For that I was very sorry -- today, I'm very pleased to have discovered the Letterhead FONTS site, and their wonderful collection of the most unique and ultimately usable fonts in the world.
___ Chuck Davis and all the friends of the Letterheads site have brought their unique talents in the world of signs and lettering to the monitors and palettes of computer users everywhere. They say "Uncommonly Good Letters" and boy do they mean it! Best of all, they give away a new font each month.

Mr. Spooky to the rescue...

___ Believe me, I've surfed the web for our Fall Fonts Festival, looking for good "Halloween" fonts, and everyone's showing the same tired old dripping blood fonts. GOSH, why can't they have a little creativity??? is showing a dozen "Halloween" fonts, but in reality you can have any style so long as it is dripping blood. I had dripping blood in my shareware Halloween Fonts collection in 1987 -- six varieties. Please let's have something different. WOW! Along came "Spooky" from Letterheads.
___ "Mr. Spooky" is this month's Letterhead FREE font ( for Mac or PC) and you're going to LOVE it. Creator Chuck Davis sez:
"I've been sketching and painting Mr. Spooky for about 5 years and finally decided it was time to make it a font. If you use Mister Spooky in a project, please send it to me so I can post it in the Letterhead site! Mr. Spooky font is free and you are encouraged to give it to friends and colleagues."
___ He follows with tips and tricks for using the font in his 'read me' file included with the download.
___ LOL: Remember the beginning of this story about our "Font Sampler" online? Well, today, along with a dozen or so other sites, Letterheads has announced their own "Fontster" page where you can try the fonts before you buy any of their commercial (for sale) fonts. Great concept guys!
___ In the months to come we'll highlight other great fonts from the Letterheads... but you don't have to wait for that. Hurry on over to and get a load today. While you're there, poke around a bit and have a great time!

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