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One of the reasons we've combined August and September DT&G issues is the time it takes to prepare our Autumn Fonts Spectacular.
__ This is no simple task. It's not like a lot of sites that just throw the fonts up there. Each font has to be obtained, then tested and sampled. All the samples have to be processed for both the PDF edition (Pict files) and the WEB edition (GIF files.) So, by August 22nd, we knew we couldn't make it for a timely August issue -- suddenly the September issue doubled. We'll continue in October with all the fonts that couldn't make it into the September issue. Hope you like the Autumn 2000 Fonts Spectacular.
__ While preparing this issue, we ran across John Singer's fonts. There were so many we decided to spin John off into his own article. It's also included here this month.

Back to School with Trendy 60's Font Bell Bottom
LORVAD fonts (formerly Printers Devil) have been around for quite a while. This one has been a favorite shareware font since 1991, and for fall 2000, it's about time to see some real camp in the font world. Everyone's so serious these days, we thought Bell Bottom would introduce some fun into the mix.
__ BellBottom is a display font evocative of '60's poster art. It's not recommended for body text unless you really want to get campy! Use it at 24 points or larger -- and once you hit 40 pts or larger it offers some real opportunity in terms of modeling. (We used it in our header graphic above.)
__ This shareware version contains upper & lower case, numbers and a few special characters. It's not kerned at all but for the low shareware fee of $10, you can't go wrong. LORVAD Fonts is in Easton Maryland, USA. Try it out, and be sure to read the documentation included.

Rah, rah, rah
What Autumn would be complete without grid-iron, pom-pom girls, and letterman sweatshirts? Edward Leach's Athletic Font is great for the 'college sweatshirt look'. The letters are very bold with fat square serifs. It looks best in larger point sizes, would be especially useful for tee shirt printers. This font is ALL CAPS only, with a few other characters. He asks ten bucks shareware to help his develop more fonts... Edward tells us he also creates Type 1 or TrueType fonts of YOUR handwriting. Be sure and read the docs provided, and get in touch with Ed Greensboro, Maryland, USA.

Writing on the walls...

When I was back in Kindergarten I used my favorite crayons to decorate the walls in my schoolroom. Of course they knew who did it -- little Freddie Showker was the only one who wrote in mirror-writing! Hey: it read just fine to me! Imagine the look on my parents' faces when the principal told them they had to pay to repaint the entire classroom.
So, this year I'm passing along some great script fonts to decorate your rooms...

The perfect lettering for kiddies ...
Kiddie Korner by George Pytlik is a light and playful Postscript font developed by George because of his involvement with the Children's program at his church. He designed materials and wanted a font that looked like young children's handwriting. The alphabet was based on sample letters from the kids and developed using Illustrator 88 with Altsys' Art Importer 2.0 software. This version includes only the full alphabet and minimum punctuation.
__ Mac users will get the documentation with samples in a HyperCard stack -- sorry, there's no Windows version unless you can convert it to Windows yourself. George hails from Sumas, Washington, USA.

Print... don't write
Temple of the Dog Truetype from font coders Chris Bowman and Jason Thorpe was actually inspired by the handwriting on the Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, and Mother Love Bone album covers. We thought it was perfect for lettering those back-to-school handouts.
Jason says: "If you like this font… send some money! Or a post card -- or some of your favorite fonts!"
These guys do their work out in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Famous Texas hero handwriting
For the more sophisticated, Texas Hero by Brian Wilson of Three Islands Press took a totally different approach to script -- fashioned after the handwritten letters of Thomas Jefferson Rusk and other Texas heroes from about 150 years or so ago. I think you'll like this font, complete with upper-case flourishes and a little hand-done unevenness overall. Not too fancy, and not too plain. This shareware offering has a single weight with upper and lower cases, numerals, punctuation, even some diacriticals. Users who pay the $10 shareware fee will receive a copy of Texas Hero™ with a much-expanded character set -- in fact, more than 40 extra alternate characters, ligatures, and common words. Be sure to read the documentation. Brian is from Rockland, Maine, USA.

Hope you enjoy these fonts... they're available for download now in the new Publishers' Warehouse digs at .
You'll have to sign in and get the address where to download them.

All of John's fonts are Shareware -- if you like and use any of them, you must send $5 (each) to John. Each font has a "ReadMe" file enclosed which give you more detail and instructions on registering. Please contact John at:
__ All John Singer's fonts are copyrighted 1992 - 2000 by John Singer. He retains all rights to these and other fonts he has created. NONE of Singer's fonts may be sold or altered without his express written permission -- the fonts are NOT public domain. You must read the "Read Me" files included with each of John's fonts.

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