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Art Nouveau Type Fonts - Fonts Festival

Paris Metro font - MetropolitainIn keeping with our Art Nouveau theme this month, we introduce you to the ParisMetro font (1991) by David Rakowski. It is modeled on the font used on some of the old Art Nouveau Metro stations in Paris, as illustrated by this shot taken at the Paris Metro station at Isle de la Cité.

It is a rather black font, good for decorative use where contrast and wieght is a necessity. David has included a full set of upper-case characters -- no lower-case characters -- as well as full punctuation and numbers. David created and distrubuted ParisMetro in 1991 and called it FREEWARE.

Art Nouveau Type Fonts - Fonts FestivalNext, we enjoy the fluid and sinuous shapes of Sarah Caps, a Type 1 font by Sam Wang. He fashioned it as an Art Nouveau typeface, yet altered and ported it for use on the computer using Fontographer and DeskPaint. He lovingly named after his special Sarah.

Another wonderful type from Sam is Isadora, a very classy looking Art Nouveau font. The upper and lower cases are the same, with numbers. This font has deep plunging decenders and an open 'round' appeal.

To round our our contributions from Sam this month is Gismonda, a unique looking font with round legs, but sharply hewn corners.

All Sam's fonts are shareware, so please read the included 'read me' files. Be sure to read some history about "Sarah Caps" font.

Next on our trip is a decorative, "playful" sans serif face called Harquil Laser from Lisa Wade of Mentor Type. It's a Type 1 laser font created from the Dover catalogue, including caps, lower case, and numerals. This one is reminiscent of those used for playbills of the Paris theatre district. It's heavy enough to be used in smaller sizes, so have fun.

Finally we see another font from David Rakowski called Rudelsberg. The font is in the Art Nouveau vein (turn of the century Germany in this case) and contains the full set of upper- and lower-case characters, numbers, and some punctuation, but no diacritics. We call it "transitional" similar to the font called Eckmann-Schmuck designed by Otto Eckmann, mentioned in our "Art Nouveau" feature this month.

You don't have to pick purely art nouveau fonts to get that flavor. There are lots of modern fonts that carry the art Nouveau look, yet have all the features and extra characters of their namesakes. Take for instance, Belwe.Art Nouveau Type Fonts - Fonts Festival

This has all the character and panache of an Art Nouveau font, yet is carefully crafted to work in all situations even text. As illustrated here, it has a number of alternate characters complete with flag swashes making it a good choice when display and text need to come from the same family. This particular version comes from Adobe, and is not available online to download.

Art Nouveau style fonts make good display type so long as the overall flavor of the project warrents their use. Our selection here is a good mix of fonts ranging from purely display to somewhat acceptable for text type.

But wait -- this is just a brief selection of the dozen new fonts entered in the Publishers' Warehouse this month. So snoop around and grab the new ones!

If you wandered in to this page, don't forget to see the full article on Art Nouveau.

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