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Goudy Titling ACH year we greatly look forward to reviewing the accomplishments of the P22 Foundry -- they seem to have set the bar for all other font producers on the planet. This year has seen over 100 new families enter the P22 collection, as well as specialized CD-ROM collections, Music collections, and cool stuff like T-Shirts.
[The Initial Cap "E" above is from P22's new "Goudy Initials" we'll be talking about later.]

P22 Font Highlights

Monumental Titling

P22 At the top of our hit list is the wonderful Monumental Titling by Michael Clark is based on classic Roman proportions and drawn from a calligraphic hand. This tasteful and well crafted Humanist display face exudes an air of dignity along with subtle playfulness. Alternate letterforms and ligatures give this capitals-only font expanded possibilities for any given text.

Michael is a calligraphic lettering artist who resides in Richmond, Virginia. His work entails creation of logo designs, titling for CD's, Books and magazines as well as font development for both corporations and independent foundries. Visit Michael Clark's Monumental Titling page.

Monumental and Komusubi


P22 Komusubi by Hajime Kawakame (JAPAN) is a new font family from Hajime Kawakami. It features Latin as well as Katakana and Hiragana. This lively display font comes in regular and bold for all three alphabets. In Japanese, Komusubi means to tie a string or ribbon lightly. The Nipponian lyrical atmosphere of the word "Komusubi" reflects the casual tone of the font itself. It's all good for all kinds of uses! Komusubi


Driade, by Gabor Kothay (HUNGARY) is a group of fonts based on a personal calligraphic expression. It is exotic but still familiar, readable and graced with a human touch. "Aged" features irregularities found in Kothay's original brush drawings. "Lined" pares the letterforms down to their basic forms. Driade

Driade and Mystic Fonts

Mystic Font

The P22 Mystic font, by Terry Wudenbachs (LIECHTENSTIEN), knows all. Aside from allowing for type design in a faux eastern script, this font peers into the world of the spirits for guidance and enlightenment. Sure it has small caps and ligatures as OpenType features, but it also has a special "oracle" feature which will answer your most mystifying questions. The design itself was based on an actual Ouija board. Somehow the spirits became embedded into the font itself and now when a question is typed, an answer is revealed (provided the contextual alternates feature is enabled). It is not known how the otherworldly harbinger was able to integrate into OpenType scripting, but who are we mere mortals to question this power? Ask and ye shall be amazed!


The Larkin font (Sample) is based on the logotypes of the Buffalo, NY-based Larkin Company that originated in the late 1800s as a soap company and grew into a gigantic mail-order, chain store. This lettering style is an unusual combination of Germanic Blackletter and Romanized capitals with an Italic slant. Larkin is evocative of "old world" craftsmanship and early 20th century romanticism.

numinsmatic font

Numismatic (Sample) was a font offered by the Devinne Press in 1905. It was based on letters, Arabic figures and ornaments used by designers and engravers of seals, coins, medals and inscriptions upon metal or stone during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. For a distinctive and decidedly sinister look, try the Numismatic font.

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