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Arthur Baker Designs

Arthur Baker Designs is a collection of calligraphic fonts and flourishes drawn by world renowned calligrapher Arthur Baker. Arthur Baker has been drawing letters for decades and has over 20 books on the subject. His style is admired and imitated by many calligraphers and type designers. With his knowledge of letter forms and historical calligraphic styles, along with his own custom designed pens and brushes, Mr. Baker has created a unique library of fonts that will add style and appeal to your designs.

His work can be seen on hundreds of products; including his Signet Bold font which is used for the word "Coke" on Coca-Cola products as well as for the Fleet Bank logo. Arthur's ITC Tiepolo is used on many Lipton products. The Eddie Bauer catalog was using Baker Sans for its logo and text. With so many of his fonts on the market, there are far too many others to mention.

Arthur was born on the West Coast and currently lives in Andover, Massachusetts. Arthur Baker's collection of type designs has been developed by Glyph Systems in Andover, Mass.

Calligraphic fonts by Arthur Baker: Linotype Amigo, Baker Signet, Kigali (1994), Marigold, Oxford, Pelican, Sassafras, Visigoth. Plus Duckweed, Cold Mountain, Hiroshige Sans, Oakgraphic, Mercator, Calligraphica, Collier Script, Fish Face (dingbats), Daybreak. Calligraphica (2001) and the medieval map writing font Mercator (2001).

If you want a good, healthy, shot-in-the-arm of superb samples and graphics using Arthur Baker fonts, look no further than the Letterheads Arthur Baker Sampler. IN fact, you'll always get an eye-full of wonderful visuals at the Letterheads site.

See: P22 Matador A calligraphic styling from prolific author and calligrapher Arthur Baker -- contemporary Roman based on the manuscript tradition. The stoic capitals add just the right touch to the slightly fanciful and unmistakably Baker type style.

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