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Cezanne Pro Font

P22's Cezanne is one of the most intriguing script fonts in recent years. It defies the stereotype of the typical font because of its striking look of natural hand lettering. Designers often choose Cezanne for this reason alone.

cezanne pro The elongated crossbar of the 't' and the waving baseline are only two of the features that make it such a distinctive face. Cezanne appears just about everywhere, including dozens of CD covers, coffee shop and restaurant facades, menus, packaging, book jackets and even in scrap booking accents. As a result, Cezanne is one of the most popular fonts in the P22 library.

Designers consider Cezanne ideal for various projects. However, one of the drawbacks of its great popularity is that Cezanne may have become too recognizable and possibly not as irregular as one would wish for in a handwriting font. For example, when duplicate letters appear next to each other in a word written in Cezanne, they look identical in all instances. Longtime P22 collaborator James Grieshaber took these concerns to heart and resolved both issues by using the dynamic OpenType format.

The result of Grieshaber's efforts is Cezanne Pro, an expansive suite of options that allows for several -- as many as six! -- versions of each letter. There are hundreds of automatic substitutions programmed into the font but designers can also hand-select individual letters for just the right look.

Cezanne Expert P22 Cezanne Pro includes full western and central European character sets and Cyrillic for typesetting in dozens of languages. It features several types of numerals (lining, oldstyle proportional, tabular, superscript, subscript and fractions), ligatures, snap-on swashes, and word glyphs (the, of, le, and, etc.). This new Cezanne Pro OpenType font includes over 1,000 glyphs and "smart features" that will automatically substitute letter combinations to create an even more natural handwriting effect than was possible with its predecessor.

More and more applications are taking advantage of OpenType features. Users of, for example, Adobe's Creative Suite and the upcoming Quark Xpress, can take Cezanne to a whole new level. For those who cannot yet use OpenType features, PostScript and TrueType versions of the Cezanne alternate fonts are available. These can be manually intermixed with the original Cezanne to create effects similar to those in the OpenType version or they can be used on their own to achieve the familiar yet "not quite Cezanne" look.

BEWARE: P22 Cezanne font OpenType version is recommended for use with Adobe CS products. P22 has provided PDF Instructions, showing how to use the Cezanne Pro -- and for Truetype/Postscript users, a PDF showing how to use the Expert Set.

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