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2007 Type Fonts from P22

As I said in an earlier rant, P22's web site was renovated during 2007, making many of our links to important fonts go dead. Sadly, the P22 section in &Type has several hundred links -- too many to rebuild for this presentation. We got no help from P22, so as you glide through this series of reviews - each page deeper into the site will evidence more and more broken links.

We feel that P22 is one of the most prolific and prestigious foundries in the world. We get no compensation for saying that. We believe it. Their strengths are the intense attention to all of the smallest details that go into making truly great type faces and fonts. If you purchase fonts from P22, you can be assured they're of the finest quality and value available in the industry today. Period.

P22 Matador

P22 MatadorEarlier this year P22 and the International House introduced Matador.

Matador is a new calligraphic styling from prolific author and calligrapher, Arthur Baker. It is a contemporary Roman font based on the manuscript tradition. The stoic capitals add just the right touch to the slightly fanciful, and unmistakably, "Baker-style" lower case. Digitization of Matador was completed by fellow award-winning calligrapher, Michael Clark. This makes it a font truly from the Calligraphic tradition.

Arthur has been drawing letters for decades and has written over 20 books on the subject. His fonts have been used on Coke and Lipton products as well as the Eddie Bauer logo and catalog. His style is admired and has been imitated by many calligraphers and type designers. In addition to his knowledge of letterforms and historic calligraphic styles, Arthur custom designs his own pens and brushes.
* See our full article on Arthur Baker

Vale & King's Fount

ValePlaying off the 'medieval' look, P22 also introduced Vale & King's Fount

The Vale Press was one of the Arts & Crafts presses founded in London in 1896 during the revival of fine book-making. The types used by the Vale Press were designed by artist Charles Ricketts, who also supervised the design and printing of Vale Press books. The main type used in Vale imprints was called the "Vale Type." Vale, like William Morris's Golden type, was based on the Jenson 15th century model and exemplifies the classic roman printing type style.

The King's Fount was an experimental semi-uncial font based on the Vale type, and while a bit unusual, Ricketts was quite fond of his creation. The King's Fount was designed in 1903 for the Vale edition of the 15h century poem "The King's Quair". This semi-uncial font evokes old English and Anglo-Saxon lettering. Both Vale and King's Fount share many characters designed by Ricketts. The digitization of these faces, by Colin Kahn, are true to the original design's intentions but are drawn with clean, rather than distressed, outlines.

P22 Vale Pro combines the two fonts P22 Vale Roman and P22 Vale King's Fount into one "Pro" font. This pro font also includes a Central European character set, old style figures, fractions, ornaments and a special faux "Middle English" feature to make "anee text appeer Olde." This feature is not known to exist in any other font. For those without OpenType savvy applications, the single King's and Roman fonts are included with the Pro set.
* See Vale & King's Fount

The beauty of these fonts is you get a fully developed font set -- unlike those shareware fonts you're downloading -- with lots of extras, and superb crafting.

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