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2007 P22 Type Fonts

Here are more of our favorites from P22, the Lanston Type Company and the International House of Fonts..

Obelysk GroteskObelysk

In June, P22 and the Lanston Type Company proudly announce LTC Obelysk Grotesk.

Obelysk Grotesk was originally released by the Lanston Drawing Office in the late 1980s as "Obelisk Gothic".

This face is a reconstruction of Spire (1937) drawn by Sol Hess. The skeleton of Spire Roman stands with the serifs removed. Like Spire, this font has no lower case, but does offer alternate cap styles in some of the lower case positions. Spire and Obelisk have both been use prominently in the fashion industry.

This is a fantastic font to use where type space is tight -- it reads beautifully -- or where you want to lend a decidedly Art Deco look and feel to your project!

See: P22 LTC Obelysk Grotesk


Earlier this year P22 and the International House of Fonts rolled out the expansion of the award-winning font, P22 Peanut, with Peanut Sans Pro. We told you about this font some time ago -- and now they've expanded it with lots of extras! Peanut is a face full of bounce and playfulness but is based on the traditions of the long revered Roman minuscule. The letters are unique in that they imply youth without relying on cliche child-like letterforms. Use this font in place of Papyrus!

P22 Peanut, from IHOF designer and calligrapher Michael Clark, has just won the prestigious TDC 2007 Type Design Competition for display type. The announcement of this award coincides with the release of Clark's newest font, P22 Peanut Sans.


The latest font is a sans- serif version of the Peanut fonts. The two variations of this font, Sans and Sans Alternate, are combined into one Pro font with ligatures and automated substitution of characters for a more natural hand-lettered effect. Peanut Pro, which combines the original Regular and Salted versions, is also available in one Pro font, or as a set with Peanut Sans Pro.
* See this wonderful page of type in Peanut
* Peanut Pro Set
* The Type Director's Club looks at "Peanuts"

The beauty of these fonts is you get a fully developed font set -- unlike those shareware fonts you're downloading -- with lots of extras, and superb crafting.

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