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Lanston Holiday Ornament Font

Thanksgiving Holiday With the powers of Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (among many others) you can utilize fonts for quick, stylish icons, cartouches, and ornamentation all directly from a font! There are literally tens-of-thousands of icon and picture fonts available but you won't find many with quite the panache of those crafted by the Lanston Foundry or Gerald Gallo! So, when looking for good, reliable fonts, be sure to check the quality of drawing and the ability to utilize the font outlines in a clean fashion.


And, for the Holidays...

Based on the popular demand of the LTC Halloween and LTC Christmas Ornaments, a new font set has been assembled for those less commercialized holidays. LTC Holiday Ornaments features over 80 printers ornaments from Lanston Monotype and other historical foundries such as BBS and ATF. Holidays include Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day and (uniquely American holidays) Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. There's even a pirate to commemorate international "Talk Like a Pirate" day and additional Halloween and Christmas ornaments. It offers a practical solution for those looking for decorative extras commemorating their favorite holiday in the convenience of one font.
* Holidays Web page | Lanston Ornament Collection

Lanston Christmas Ornaments

The Lanston Christmas Ornaments collection has a definite nostalgic feel for classic Christmas and Winter iconography. An indispensable set for the Christmas season, they are perfect for custom card creation or any other winter holiday graphics. LTC Christmas Ornaments One features over 80 images. LTC Christmas Ornaments Two-Part features over 30 of the same icons found in LTC Christmas One, but they are set up for two-color combinations. LTC Holly borders are available in one and two part for endless holly leave combinations.
* Christmas Set (Be sure to check out the roll-overs for 2-color font rendering!)

Blackletter Fonts from P22

P22 and the International House of Fonts introduce two new Blackletter designs: P22 Sting and P22 Bastyan


Clark at work Blackletter is a general term for the type of calligraphic scripts used throughout Europe in the centuries pre-dating Gutenberg's first printing. Today, these scripts are often perceived as antiquated and quaint yet signifying formality and importance. P22 has selected the designs of two IHOF designers, Michael Clark and Frau Jenson, to bring us two new type designs in the Blackletter tradition with unusual twists.

Designed by calligrapher Michael Clark, "P22 Sting" is a very stylized Blackletter lowercase with accompanying Roman Caps. It features two of Clark's distinctive styles in one hybrid font. Alternate lowercase characters are also included for stylistic variations. (Right: Clark at work)
* Web page for STING


Designer Frau Jenson, from Germany, gives us "P22 Bastyan", a hybrid Italic Blackletter. This typeface resembles Carolinian miniscule scripts and has a timelessness that evokes formality but defies specific historical categorization. It is available in an optional Opentype "Pro" version with expanded language support, multiple styles of figures, ornaments and ligatures. (Sample)
* Bastyan home page

If you are interested in more Blackletter styles, previous experimental variations from IHOF include:

"Schwartzkopf" from Gabor Kothay is a "Schwabacher" blackletter and perhaps the most authentic blackletter of all of the IHOF fonts. (Sample | Font Page)

A rather different take on an Italic Blackletter with Romanized Caps by Richard Kegler. "P22 Larkin" was based on lettering for the Larkin Compan circa 1900. See our Larkin review , or the Larkin Home Page

James Grieshaber's "P22 Gothic Gothic" defies the purpose of the condensed nature of Blackletter and infuses a contemporary geometry to this Blacker than Black font. (Gothic Gothic home page)

The beauty of these fonts is you get a fully developed font set -- unlike those shareware fonts you're downloading -- with lots of extras, and superb crafting.

2006 has been a truly great year for P22

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