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Rechtman Script - David Rakowsit

The Rechtman-Script font is a chiseled script font that look both antique and modern at the same time. This style of type is called "open" or "tooled" because of the open spaces within each letter. Originally these were created by "carving" out part of a normal fact to create a 'tooled' version.

This font comes with a complete character, number, and punctuation set. When used below about 36 point, the "chiseled" features of the font may disappear (i.e., close up) when printed on a 300-dpi device; however, the font will still look nice, sort of like a bold script font with a short x-height (37 percent of the caps height, for those who are counting).

The Rechtman-Script font was generated in 1992 by David Rakowski as a shareware Rechtman-Script is distributed to the font-using community by Insect Bytes, a place where phrases like "the font-using community" cause us to blow chunks.

Rechtman Script - David Rakowsit

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