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Graphic Design Publishing - John Singer Fonts

Graphic Design Publishing - John Singer Fonts

John Singer has created quite a few fonts, and here are just a few of them we thought would be perfect for the Design Center Autumn Fonts Spectacular.

The AspenFont is based on a calligraphic script that discovered through research at the library. Aspen resembles "Raphael" in condensed form.

SchoolDays is another slab-serif font traditionally used on college athletic jerseys or in school yearbooks. It's fashioned after some of the antique wood fonts -- rather blocky, but with character.

BlackHawk is a design based on wood fonts. This one is from the old west "wanted posters" in use for the past 100 years.

Winter Park is an interesting sans-serif with horizontal stripes of white passing through the letters. John was making it for a newsletter that he writes, but then decided he didnít like it. You might love it! (Winter Park is free.)

StrikeOut is a complete upper and lower case alphabet perfect for legislative and legal documents where old language is to be stricken or deleted. You could also use it for some new-wave style design where typewriter type is appropriate.
__ All of John's fonts are Shareware, (except Winter Park) for just $5. Be sure to read the text files enclosed. Install all of John's fonts in the same manner as you would install any PostScript compatible font.

Keep up the good work, John.

The Singer Fonts collection are now available in The Publishers Warehouse
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All of John's fonts are Shareware -- if you like and use any of them, you must send $5 (each) to John. Each font has a "ReadMe" file enclosed which give you more detail and instructions on registering. Please contact John at:
__ All John Singer's fonts are copyrighted 1992 - 2000 by John Singer. He retains all rights to these and other fonts he has created. NONE of Singer's fonts may be sold or altered without his express written permission -- the fonts are NOT public domain. You must read the "Read Me" files included with each of John's fonts.

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