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New Vintage Type

New Vintage Type

Classic Fonts for the Digital Age

Deco Decoration We received this book just as the October Fall Fonts Festival went public, so we're previewing it now. This is a spectacular book -- nearly 100% eye candy and knock-out visual inspiration. Just opening the package to see the cover, gave everyone here in the studios an immediate urge to grab the book. Fortunately, I'm the boss, so I got it first.

Futurist Past In much of today's graphic design, retro is the new modern. And nowhere is that fact more evident than in typography, which today uses vintage type in ads, book and magazine design, movies, and everywhere words convey meaning. After all, there are hundreds of fonts from by-gone eras that are still valid, and considered by many designers to be far superior to today's fonts. Viewers may not even realize that the type itself conveys mood, information, and a sense of style, but graphic designers know the power of vintage type.

Eye candy isn't the only strong point of this book -- even though it could easily become a prized coffee table book -- there are lots of insightful content essays that shed light on the illustrations, of reveal the background behind many of the visuals. Just click any of the images in this article, and you'll see how much fun these passages can be.

Choose, use, and understand great vintage type with this authoritative guide

From simplistic to extravagant, the world's foremost historian of graphic design presents New Vintage Type, a remarkable rethinking and rediscovery of old and classic typefaces for today's modern needs.

black and white spread

Hundreds of amazing, astounding, and obscure examples from around the world are gathered here, organized into five historically and stylistically grouped sections: the Victorian Age, the Woodtype Era, Art Deco Style, Modern Movement, and the Eccentric Movement. With hundreds of lively and one-of-a-kind examples, plus informed, intriguing tex, New Vintage Type is the graphic designer's guide to choosing and using vintage type for maximum impact.

Great handbook to selecting just the right type for every project Author is world's leading graphic-design historian Most contemporary type is based on historic fonts--learn the secret language of vintage type

Believe me, you're going to love this book!V

New Vintage Type
Classic Fonts for the Digital Age
Steven Heller and Gail Anderson
Watson-Guptill Book; (Hardcover); 176 pages;
400 color illustrations; October 2007
List Price: $39.95 -- but you can click here and save over 30%, at just $26.37

I believe you'll really like this book -- and I would be greatly interested in your comments and reactions from the book! In fact, I have already put it in the running for our BEST BOOK awards which will be running in January -- it's in the same category as
Thanks for reading Leslie Cabarga's Logo, Font & Lettering Bible and Alex White's Advertising Design and Typography. And that alone is enough clout for you to own it!

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DTG Magazine

Steven Heller, art director of the New York Times Book Review and co-chair of the MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, is the author of Handwritten: Expressive Lettering in the Digital Age and many other titles. He lives in New York City.

Gail Anderson is a senior designer at SpotCo and the former art director of Rolling Stone. She lives in New York City.


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