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by Fred Showker

Vanesa Merulla We first ran into Vanesa when her work began popping up on the DTG Facebook Group! We regularly surf into the Facebook and web sites of our readers, just to visit and see what's going on! Wow... Much of Vanesa's work was so nice we asked about this month's Designing Women issue...

vanesa Merulla

Vanesa Merulla hails from Norwalk CT and has been in the creative field for more than ten years. She specializes in Graphic and Web design, social media, print, identity, eBlasts, and everything else. Vanesa's philosophy is simple. She writes :
      I will do whatever it takes to create the most evocative solution!

Vanesa Merulla Designing Women

Her work for the Blossom Hill Foundation is unique. While simplistically styled, it offers other components like the jewelry shown above. She writes :

quoting My client wanted a tree as the main image of her logo. Since the Foundation helps children who are victims of war, we wanted to show that there' a chance of breaking such an unfortunate life cycle that the children have known so far. So the swirl came up as the leaves of the tree, which also suggests stability. There's also a tea label, and jewelry end quote

Blossom Hill Foundation
Norwalk Community College mark for Norwalk Community College Academic Festival 2005. The mark was designed by interpreting the elements of the College seal shown in the link above

quoting Ever since my childhood in Argentina, I have been passionate about design and try to apply it to every aspect of my life. As a young adult, I came to the United States determined to pursue my dream and learn my craft. I worked hard to support myself with a variety of jobs while earning my undergraduate degree and Masters in Graphic Design (with an emphasis on typography which I now love). Although I am becoming more confident in my own aesthetic sense of color and style (my clients call it simple, elegant, accessible), I know the most important thing is to listen carefully to the client, take detailed notes, then use what you know to address their needs. end quote

Vanesa Merulla Designing Women
"New York Landmarks" (; and "Happy Healthy Child" ( website designs.

quoting I take the client relationship seriously and am always prompt and professional in my interactions. I am proficient with multiple languages/software but with technology evolving so fast, am always on the lookout to learn new versions and techniques. I would love to self-actualize, or as psychologist Abraham Maslow* puts it, to be who I must be. end quote

typography booklet

We agree, Vanesa -- looks like you're doing a great job!

Vanesa tackles Graphic design, web design, multimedia, print, identity, illustration, social media, branding and other forms of creative development her clients need. Aside from pencil and paper, she prefers Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (Including Dreamweaver and Flash), Adobe After Effects CS5, QuarkXPress, and Wordpress to deploy her creations.

Visit Vanesa at

Vanesa Merulla Designing Women
Vanesa Merulla design photography Vanesa Merulla Facebook Page

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