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Graphic Design | Age Progressive Photographs | D'Lynn WaldronThe Center for Missing and Exploited children uses their own application based on Photoshop, to manipulate and blend photographs, but they do not do actual portrait painting. Their application is not available to the public. You can see samples of their work at
__ There is now an excellent "identikit" type computer program, "Faces" (see illustration), created by InterQuest of Quebec. It is available to law inforcement and the public for the amazingly low price of just $49.95.

__ "Faces" saves the information as a numeric reference to the features and their placement, therefore just a short line of numbers can be phoned or e-mailed to other agencies that have the same program, and they can create the image on their own computer in seconds.
__ "Faces" creates photo-realistic grayscale images, and the program can also turn them into line art (which I find sometimes better for wanted posters because the features are less specific.) "Faces" can be used in some instances to assemble the underlying structure of the features for an age-progressed portrait painting.
__ Up to now, all the fugitive identification pictures I have done have been digitally painted from scratch, but in future I will use "Faces" when appropriate, and then make the necessary refinements in Photoshop. (See below for how to get the pictures out of "Faces" into a standard graphic file format.)
__ In "Faces" all the skin tones are a neutral gray, but the features make it easy to differentiate between the races. "Faces" does not include children and is best with adults from twenty through middle-age (but then, how many little old ladies are robbing banks?).
__ A major limitation of "Faces" is that images can only be saved in and printed from their proprietary file format (which has the facility to add text). There is no way to export to a Tiff that can be opened in Photoshop. The solution is to bring up the portrait in the viewing mode and enlarge the window to fill the monitor screen. The portrait will enlarge without pixelating, to the same size. Then do a screen capture and import that into other programs.

FACES from InterQuest
Additional client licenses $25.
1 800 824-3223

You can download a demo version with a few of the 4000 face elements that are in the full program. The full program is shipped to you on CD, or you can buy the CD at Blockbuster.

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