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D'Lynn picks the best books for graphic artists, designers, and visual communicators to the kick-off 1999...

Real World Illustrator 8
The Illustrator 8 Wow! Book
MacWorld Photoshop 5 Bible
Photoshop 5 for Mac (For Dummies)
Professional Photoshop 5 : The Classic Guide to Color Correction
Adobe Print Publishing Guide
The Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book (Non-Designer's Series)
The Non-Designer's Type Book : Creating Professional Type
Graphic Design on the Desktop : A Guide for the Non-Designer
Using Photoshop 5
Real World Photoshop 5 (Real World Series)
Real World FreeHand 8
3D Photorealism Toolkit
QuickTime VR Book
Animation on the Web
Web Design WOW Book


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