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Toast 4.0 Deluxe, NEATO silver labels, the new CD-R G-Dye media
CD-R NEWS by D'Lynn Waldron. PhD ©99

The quality of CD-R discs is constantly improving. The latest formulation is almost pure silver in color and has the designation "G-Dye" in the first few characters of the code written on the clear inner rim.
.__ Some Memorex discs, and some other brand discs, are now in the new G-Dye media, and before long, all the major brands will be only in G-dye media.
__ It is expected that G-Dye media from a good manufacturer will work at 12x, and G-dye media is claimed to have a lifespan of hundreds of years (if properly stored - see my previous article on caring for CD-Rs).
__ The Memorex spindle G-dye discs are the shiny kind that have only a lacquer layer over the reflective layer, and do not have the secondary paint layer which provides extra protection and identifies the top side.
__ With the silver G-Dye media with the shiny top, it is all but impossible to tell the top from the bottom before it is written and very difficult afterwards, especially if fully written. To be safe always check the small pale letters on the inner rim. I use an Apogee non-solvent marker to make a little mark on the top side before I take the disc off the spindle. (With only a lacquer layer you must especially careful NOT to use a solvent marker - see my previous article.)
__ The firmware of recorders above 6x can read the information in the pregrove of the disc gives the manufacturer and media type. This is used to determine what write speed the media supports, so the recorder can set the appropriate laser amplitude. If that information is missing from the disc, the recorder uses a generic setting for 4x.
__ The firmware of most current CD recorders allow them to write to 80 minute discs, which are under $1.50 each. This capability is important if you are making music CDs with 80 minutes of music on them instead of the standard 74. Software used to support only 74 minute recording, but now Toast 4.0 Deluxe supports 80 minute disc writing.
Gorgeous Shiny Metallic
Silver Cd Labels from NEATO
I have always used the NEATO labeling system, and now they have a beautiful new shiny metallic silver label for use with laser printers only. These labels look great with the new silver discs. (NEATO Product MET-S-92115 100 labels for $22.95, and MET-S-92315 300 labels for $59.95.)
__ The metallic silver labels come 3-up because a laser printer can print farther out to the edge than inkjet printers, and for 3-up, the printing must be able to go within a quarter of an inch of the edge of the paper. Labels that can be used on inkjets are 2-up.
__ NEATO is working on a metallic gold label, but due to technical problems with laser printing on gold, their "shiny" gold laser labels are presently a golden "paint", which is not good for fine lines.
__ I went to the NEATO site to download the templates for their current die cuts. The folders for the various programs were many megabytes in size because they contain a vast number of prepared designs. All I needed was the basic outline templates, and I have suggested NEATO put up a folder with just these. I have also suggested that they create an InDesign template, though I had no trouble importing one of the EPS templates into InDesign.
__ I much prefer the two piece labeler, which is now separately for $19.95. With the two piece labeler, you put the disc onto an applicator which it slides down onto the sticky side of the label. With a one-piece labeler you hold the disc between your fingers and place the disc over a very short spindle, then lower the disc onto the sticky side of the label. I find that curl in the label is more of a problem with the one piece labeler.
NEATO's products are significantly cheaper than CD Stomper's.
CD Stomper does not a shiny metallic label for laser printers.
NEATO 2000 starter kit (one piece labeler) $29.95
CD STOMPER starter kit (one piece labeler) $39.95
NEATO matte labels $22.95 per 100, $59.95 per 300.
CD STOMPER matte labels $24.99 per 100, $64.99 per 300
NEATO Premium shiny metallic labels (laser only) $22.95 per 100 (23 cents each), $59.95 per 300 (20 cents each)
CD STOMPER glossy metallic labels (inkjet) $29.99 for 40 (75 cents each)
NEATO also makes a full line of labels and inserts for the other types of recordable media.
. 800 984-9800

D'Lynn Waldron. PhD

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