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"Destination Fonts"
from P22

by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD © 2000

P22 is an electronic type foundry with consistently excellent and unusual fonts. (See samples in a separate browser window.)
__ P22 is now also distributing a set of twelve CD's from Japan called Font Pavilion, which has fonts in both Roman and Japanese characters, some of them as matched Roman - Japanese pairs.
__ Even if you do not need the many excellent Japanese character fonts, there are some very good Roman alphabet fonts on the CDs.
__ I can see a lot of use in travel related materials for what I would call the "Destination Fonts", which are Roman letters written in the style of various other scripts.
__ Fonts in the folder "Exotica" on Tokyo Font Disc (disc #1) are inspired by Hindi, Thai and Arabic scripts, but for some reason they are called Edelweiss, Jasumin (sic) and Lotus. The disc also has Roman fonts that look like Japanese character, with matching fonts in Japanese characters.
__ There are a number of other interesting and usable Roman alphabet and picture fonts on this CD, which has a total of 42 fonts by 18 designers and costs $69.95.
__ The entire Font Pavilion set of twelve CDs with over 500 fonts can be ordered for $750. Each of the discs individually is $69.95
__ All the fonts on all twelve CDs can be seen at, along with their many other excellent fonts, to which P22 is adding regularly.

P22 Type Foundry at 1 800 p22-5080

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