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Graphic Design | Pro Jpeg from Boxtop Software | D'Lynn Waldron
In a previous issue of WebDesign & Review's Mr. Pixelsmith we showed you how an earlier version of ProJpeg saved the home page image. Now D'lynn is back with a new look at the powerhouse Photoshop plug-in...

ProJpeg 4
The Best Compression Facility

by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD © 2000

ProJPEG 4 from Boxtop, a Photoshop plug-in, is by far the best compression facility I have found.
__ ProJPEG 4 creates smaller files and better quality images at every setting, compared with the competition that I have tested.
__ I was amazed how little drop off in quality there is as you increase compression in ProJPEG 4. I am able to use a setting of 60 for photo-realistic images in ProJPEG 4, where previously I had been using 85 at the cost of a much larger file.
__ ProJPEG 4 accomplishes something even more important for me than size. With ProJPEG 4 there is almost no artifacting in areas of solid color. This is especially important for black text on a white background. Before this, there has been a major problem with artifacts in what was originally the solid white area around black text.
__ Graphic Design | Pro Jpeg from Boxtop Software | D'Lynn WaldronProJPEG 4 adds the two most requested features, target file size control and variable image compression. The interface is excellent and all the controls are intuitive. ProJPEG 4 is accessed in the Photoshop "Save As" menu.
__ A free trial can be downloaded from the Boxtop site. While you are there take a look at all their other excellent products, which are also available for a free trial.
We used it this month for the "Age Progression" article this month. See a larger window with ProJpeg interface.
__ Upgrade online from any previous version of ProJPEG for $19.95.

BoxTop Software, Inc.

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