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Sylvia writes with questions about:
Scanners and Printers? Which one?

Fortunately I have recently found your articles and have been 
very interested in  your recommendations on film scanners 
and printers.  
I will be restoring old photographs and printing from film.

Scanners I have very little personal experience with them.  
From looking at the ads, etc., I am leaning toward the 
Epson Expression 800x3200 dpi scanner. 
Any recommendations there?

D'Lynn Waldron Answers:
I just had a client buy the very new Astra 2400, which is 600 x 2400. 36/42 bit with excellent dynamic range, for under $300. The software is excellent and the scanner is really fast.
. . . The Astras have always gotten the highest ratings for image quality in articles that do comparative tests, and not just in their price range, but against scanners costing many times more. This new one is their best ever.

Film scanners - I will probably wind up with the Nikon Super 
Coolscan 2000, but am curious if you know anything about how 
the Coolscan III (for personal use) scanner compares.

D'Lynn Waldron Answers:
You would not be happy with a slide scanner that is not 36 bit, and the Coolscan III is just 30 bit, with a low dynamic range that really shows up when scanning slides, as scans of slides tend to be much more contrasty than scan of prints.
. . . The 2000 is the best on the market in spite of faulty software.
. . . I have seen 1000s as refurbs for about $800, but Nikon factory refurbs are whatever comes in, put in a fresh box, leaving the problems for the customer to find and fight with Nikon to put right.

Printers - I no longer see the Epson Photo EX printer.  
Has it been "replaced" by the Photo 750?  
That is the printer I am thinking of buying.  I would appreciate 
your recommendation.

D'Lynn Waldron Answers:
For your work, you want a hexachrome (six color printer) which Epson calls their Photo printers. The new letter-size Photo printer is the 750 which has the new smaller dot.
The new larger format Photo printer is the 1200, which prints up to 13 inches wide. It also has the new smaller dot. (The EX had the larger print area of the previous Photo models.)
You can probably still find an EX and the price may have been significantly reduced.

Best wishes, Lynn

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