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Toast 4.0 Deluxe, NEATO silver labels, the new CD-R G-Dye media
CD-R NEWS by D'Lynn Waldron. PhD ©99
is a dream come true!

WOW! Toast 4.0 Deluxe (Macintosh only) from Adaptec is just about everything you need for making CDs.
Among the many features:
* 80 minute disc support
* CD Spin Doctor
. . . to put analog LPs, cassettes and live music onto CD
. . . to remove hisses, pops and clicks from selected sections
. . . to auto-define tracks and then let you name them
. . . to convert mono to stereo
. . . add fidelity with special features
* Toast Audio Extractor
* Disc at once copying
* Disc copy
* Inline editing to change the name of a file or folder from within Toast
* Support for all standard CD formats
* Seamless on the fly conversion of MP3 to audio CD
* CDDB on-line data base to automatically fill in track names of music CDs
* Download and burn Liquid Audio music files
* Liquid Music Player
* Support for AppleScript
* Support for Skin
* Web-CheckUp to automatically download the latest Toast software.
* PhotoRelay cataloging application for all types of media files
* FireWire when drives become available.
* Autoloader support
* Support for SCSI, ATAPI/IDE and USB drives (but be aware that USB throughput varies between manufacturers; most drives can achieve a reliable 2x burn, while only some can reach a maximum of 4X.) Adaptec will offer a free upgrade on its Web site to support
The package includes:
CD with all the software and some free MP3 music files
Cable to connect a stereo lineout to a computer comes in some packages
CD labeler from HP, and four labels.
Printed manual

Price: A REAL bargain at an SRP of $99, then a $20 rebate for those who already own eligible CD recording software.

D'Lynn Waldron. PhD

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