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A great new version of this excellent program for creating type effects:
TypeStyler 3
review by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD ©

TypeStyler 3 is simply marvelous!

With it you can create professional qualitiy, fully customizable type effects and logos. The results can be exported as EPS, or at any resolution as bitmap images, or as layers for Photoshop, and even as Web animations which TypeStyler will create for you automatically from a long menu of animation effects, including html roll-overs.
D'Lynn Waldron, Industry InsiderTypeStyler is so well designed and intuitive to use that you do not need to read the manual, but looking over the manual is the quickest way to discover all its wonderful feature. Pulling down all the menues (using the main image window) of fully customizable presets will let you see the wonderful effects you can create with the click of a mouse. (At right is the "Effects" palette.)

Because TypeStyler works on Postscript fonts and EPS files in the vector mode, you can make changes on the fly that can then be rendered perfectly at whatever resolution you wish.

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