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D'Lynn Waldron, Industry Insider

TypeStylers provided backgrounds are 72 dpi for Web use. If you need to output in higher resolutions, you will want to import an EPS background, or export the file and add the background in another program. (As noted, you can manipulate any graphic in TypeStyler through the use of vector/spline anchors and handles, singularly or in groups through the use of envelopes.)

D'Lynn Waldron, Industry InsiderTypeStyler creates effects that are 3-D in appearance, but it is a 2D program, so you can skew, rotate, etc., but you cannot move your point of view around the image, or set lights. (At right is the Styles Palette)

This program gets my highest rating. Everyone I know who is using TypeStyler agrees it is fabulous and would not be without it.

Fully functioning free demo to use for 60 days can be downloaded at
List price in the box with printed manual: $129.
For download and upgrade prices go to the Strider site: from Strider Software
906 863-7798

D'Lynn D'Lynn Waldron THE IMAGE PERFECTED copyright 1999

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