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Anyone who has done "table top" product photography knows the time, skill and range of equipment it takes to set up the lights, reflectors, tenting, etc..

Fabulous New Lighting System For Product Photography

ASTRON has come out with a new lighting system for the digital photography of products.
... The Astron Orbiculight is a dream come true for professionals.
... To see what it looks like, I refer you to the accompanying photograph of the Orbiculight. (Shown above, and beautifully in this enlargement! Beware, it will take a moment to load.)
... The unit is on a wheeled stand with a control panel on the front. There is an illuminated "table-top" that curves up into a seamless background, and a barrel-vault top that tilts up.
... The unit is very energy efficient and needs no special power supply. It has 16 lamps adjustable from 0 to 100% luminance, from a control board. The lamps produce a constant 5000k with a CRI of 85.
... The price for the system is around $15,000 and for anyone specializing in product photography that would soon pay for itself in saved time and improved results.

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