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Adobe gets into the stock image biz with their new Image LibraryADOBE IMAGE LIBRARY

Some traditional stock agencies are selling their files to, or going into partnership with, vendors of digitized images.
__ The really big new player in high-end digitized still and video stock images is Adobe, in association with SuperStock.
__ Adobe has published Adobe Studios–The Creative Professional's Catalogue a very handsome printed catalogue which includes a CD with 3120 low res images for browsing and comping, and some free hi-res images, for $19.99

__ Adobe's images come in sets called Titles, with each Title on two hybrid CD-ROMs. There are 100 images in each Photography Title, 40 images in each Illustration Title. At launch in January 1998 Adobe has 30 Photography Titles, 3 Illustration Titles and 6 Video Titles. Adobe plans to release 40 to 52 new Titles a year.
__ Each images in the Title comes in CMYK (SWOP optimized) & RGB, in High & Low res, and multi-media optimized RGB. The free, watermarked, comp versions are about 300 x 300 pixels and average 55 k.
__ All the images are bit mapped and compressed with JPEG, which is a lossy compression. A typical 32 meg hi-res RGB is 5.1 meg compressed.
__ Photography Titles are $299.99; Illustration Titles are $229.99 and Video Titles are $249.99.
__ The companion web site is where the images can be bought separately and downloaded in the one format per click for as many formats are as desired. A compressed file of 5 meg takes 40 seconds at 28.8 and the entire set takes about 2 minutes. Payment is by credit card.
__ The promotional on-line price through May 31, 1997 is $79 per image, and $99.99 thereafter. and this can be credited towards the purchase of the whole Title on CD.
__ The real bargain for buyers are the released photographs of models, which have always carried a high royalty at traditional agencies.
Adobe Image Library -- 1 888 502-8393 --


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