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Ardi Image Collections - for Graphic Arts
Ardi Image Collections - for Graphic Arts NEW:
Ardi Image Collections
Marwan Aridi is a master of creating very beautiful, complex designs in EPS. Marwan takes inspiration from the art of many cultures and eras to create his designs for decorations, borders, frames, and initial caps. ( See Corner Decoration or Borders Selections )
__ The latest titles on CD-ROM from Aridi Graphics are Initial Caps IV, which has six sets of ornate initial capitals, and Certificates & Borders, which has 150 different designs each provided in CMYK color and in B&W ranging from the classic scrollwork used in stock certificates, to a wide variety of beautiful decorative frames. The frames and borders are sectioned so they can be assembled to any proportions, and of course EPS can be scaled to any size without loss of definition.Ardi Image Collections - for Graphic Arts
__ The hybrid CD has the files for both Mac and Wintel. The Mac files come in both Illustrator and Freehand EPS, as well as screen resolution bit maps.
Aridi Graphics titles can be ordered direct.
Call for pricing. Aridi Graphics 1 800 755-6441

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