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Epson Stylus Color Printer Tips

Epson Stylus Color printers are winning every award for output, but they have their quirks, so here are a few things I have discovered.

There is a utility in the Epson driver that shows you the ink levels. This is very helpful since the usage varies greatly depending on the density of coverage on the pages you print.

Epson Stylus Color Printer Papers

Epson packages the same papers with different labels , and has also changed some names, to the great confusion of everyone, including their own order line personnel.

The original 720 Stylus Color printers did not allow the interchanging of papers between resolutions- 360 resolution needed 360 paper, 720 resolution needed 720 paper.

I recently bought Epson's 13 x 19 "Photo Quality" paper. The outside of one box said "720". The outside of another box with the same product number said "720/1440". But the inside wrapping of both boxes said the paper was for 360, and then under that in a completely separate heading it said that it was for 720.

I tried the one that said 720/1440 and it seemed to work fine with my 1520 at 1440. (Perhaps the new nozzles and ink are more universal than the original nozzles and ink.)

The people on the Epson order line were totally confused about these papers, and repeatedly gave conflicting information, but I think I finally got the correct information.

Rundown of the current Epson Inkjet Papers

"Glossy Film" is Epson's new name for the opaque, white, all-plastic sheets originally called High Quality Glossy Paper. Glossy Film provides by far the clearest image and most vivid color, and is pucker free (Fry's has the 15 sheet pack for $28)

* Glossy Film 8.5 x 11, 15 sheets, SO41072 List $31.99.
* Glossy Film 11 x 17, 10 sheets, SO41075 List $51.99.
* Glossy Film 13 x 19, 10 sheets, SO41074 List $60.99

"Glossy Paper" is now Epson's medium weight paper with a glossy surface.
* Glossy Paper 8.5 x 11, 20 sheets, SO41124 List $12.95.
* Glossy Paper 11 x 17 Not made.
* Glossy Paper 13 x 19, 20 sheets, SO41133 List $44.

"Transparency" is Epson's clear plastic sheet.
* Transparency 8.5 x 11, 30 sheets, SO41064 List $48.99
* Transparency 8.3 x 11.7, 30 sheets SO41063 List $48.99

Matte Papers come in three different types:

"Photo Quality 720/1440" is Epson's high res, light weight matte paper.
* Photo Quality 8.5 x 11, 100 sheets SO41062 List $14.49
* Photo Quality 11 x 17, 100 sheets SO41070 List $34.99
* Photo Quality 13 x 19, 100 sheets SO41069 List $37.99

"High Quality 360/720" is Epson's medium res, light weight matte paper.
* High Quality 8.5 x 11, 100 sheets SO41111 List $12.95

"Premium 360" is Epson's lower res, light weight matte paper.
It is not suitable for printing at 720 or 1440.
* Premium 360 8.5 x 11, 100 sheets SO41060 List $11.99.

Excellent Laser Paper

The best laser paper I have ever found is Georgia Pacific Microprint Laser 1000 (Laser 1000 must not be confused with the other Microprint papers.) It now comes in 20, 24 and 28 pound weight. The wonderful 32 pound weight has, I am told, been discontinued.

This is one of the most expensive laser papers, but the silken feel of the paper and the beautiful printout make it well worth the small additional investment when you want to make a good impression.

Laser 1000 is available as Kelly's Paper.


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