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Awesome NIKON SUPER Coolscan

Nikon Cool Scan

Nikon Coolscan with auto loader

A Nikon Super Coolscan with Automatic Slide Feeder has just replaced my older, high end professional slide scanner that had 36 bit technology circa 1990.
__ My new Nikon LS 1000 Super Coolscan (around $1700 street), is as needle sharp as my older, high end scanner, the color fidelity is excellent, and the Super Coolscan's new LED lighting system, at the same 36 bits, produces a far greater dynamic range with much better highlight and shadow detail than any of the older scanners, including the 48 bit Leafscan.

__ The older professional slide scanners took about 20 minutes to scan a slide at full resolution, whereas the Super Coolscan takes only 40 seconds. And for $500 more, the Super Coolscan's automatic feeder provides unattended scanning of up to 50 slides at a cycle time of 2 minutes per slide.
__ With the carrier loading systems of the other scanners, it was just about impossible to get the slide perfectly squared up. The Super Coolscan loads itself perfectly square, with both manual and the automatic stack-load feeder.
The scanning area is 2592 x 3888 pixels, which is enough for full page illustrations.
__ I will now be able to efficiently archive onto CD-R the important images from my 45 years' of work as a photographer all over the world.


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