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Photoshop Tips | D'Lynn Waldron

Photoshop Tips | D'Lynn WaldronPhotoshop Tip:
Checking Highlight and Shadow Details.
D'Lynn Waldron, PhD. ©1999

What you can see on the monitor screen sometimes has more or less detail in the highlights and shadows than is actually there.

What you couldn't see on the screen can become visible as an unpleasant surprise in the printed output.

I check the details in my shadow areas by temporarily turning the monitor gamma to 1.0 which lightens the screem without affecting the file itself.

To check details in the highlight areas, I temporarily turn the gamma to 2.8, which darkens the screen without affecting the file.

I keep an alias of the Knoll's control panel gamma facility (which shipped with earlier versions of Photoshop) on a corner of my desktop where it is easy to access.


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