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Adobe PressReady review
D'Lynn Waldron, Industry Insider

Adobe PressReady
by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD ©99

Adobe PressReady is a very easy to use combined solution for proofing on desktop inkjets and prepress workflow.
__ The built-in software Postscript Level 3 RIP has been specially optimized for inkjets. The RIP and its included profiles are used for doing desktop proofs that look like the output from various types of presses.
__ After you have gotten the output tweaked to your satisfaction, you can export the file as a PDF and send it electronically to the client who can print it out using PressReady with his inkjet. After the client's approval, you can send either a native app file or a PDF file to the print service provider.
__ Adobe PressReady currently supports the Epson Stylus Color 800, 850,1520 and 3000, the HP Deskjets 895C, 1120C, and 2000, and the Canon BJC 8500. Adobe plans support for more printers, to be downloaded from the Adobe Web site, with an 18 month subscription included in the price of the product.
__ Even if you do not use the workflow features, PressReady it is worth getting for the Postscript Level 3 printer driver, which is optimized for desktop inkjets and able to simulate the color output in various types of press printing.
PRICES Street price $149. Adobe intro price: $149 to 12/31/99 (

D'Lynn Waldron. PhD

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