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Excellent, Affordable Mounting System

Reviewed by
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I often get inquiries from readers who need an easy-to-use, archival, affordable way to mount their prints.
... Daige has an excellent system for affixing prints, or any other paper or film, to mounts and other surfaces. The adhesive in the Rollataq system does not penetrate even thin paper, so there is no puckering.
... The Rollataq adhesive is nontoxic and odorless. The adhesive does not require heat and is not sticky. The adhesive is archival and does not discolor over time. It is not affected by heat, damp, or age.
... The Rollataq adhesive system uses a roller with a reservoir to apply a smooth, micro-thin, coating of liquid adhesive to a surface. The roller of the hand applicator is 2 1/2 inches wide. Desktop models have wider rollers.
... The adhesive is applied to one surface only, and because it is not sticky, it is repositionable for about 3 minutes, and it forms permanent bond in15 minutes.
... The Rollataq system has very inexpensive consumables at just a few pennies per application.
... As with any adhesive system, it is advisable to test it on a sample of the materials before using it.

The Rollataq 300 is the hand-held model. It has a 2 1/2 inch roller, with the reservoir of adhesive in the handle. The one caveat is that you must clean the roller with a damp cloth after use, and store it with the roller end upwards.

The new motorized Quickmount system comes in coating widths of 24.5", 36.5" and 60".

For full details and pricing visit the Daige Web site at or call Daige, Inc. at
1 800 645-3323
2 1/2" Hand Applicator with 2 oz. bottle of adhesive $ 23.95
12" Automatic Desktop with 16 oz. bottle $ 399.00
12" Automatic Desktop for production labeling w. 16 oz. $ 425.00
24 1/2" Automatic Desktop with 16 oz. bottle $ 595.00
36 1/2" Automatic Desktop (with 32 oz. bottle) $1,095.00
60" Automatic Desktop with 96 oz. bottle $1,695.00
16 ounce squeeze bottle $ 7.95
32 ounce squeeze bottle $ 14.95
  128 ounce (1 US gallon) $ 46.95

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