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Affordable Slide Scanners

by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD. ©1999

Affordable flatbed scanners cannot produce good quality scans from 35 mm film and slides; for that you need a dedicated slide scanner.

... All slide scanners can scan slides and strip film, negative and positive. Some have optional attachments to handle APS film cassettes.
... The lowest priced slide scanner on the market is the Olympus ES-10, which is excellent value at under $400. The ES-10 does a very adequate job for Web images, multi-media, source material for computer art, and for product images for printed catalogues.
... I have just tested the Olympus ES-10. I have already extensively tested the Nikon LS-2000. I own a Nikon LS-1000. In the past I had a 48 bit Leafscan (which is no longer on the market.) I have not tested the new Nikon LS-30 Coolscan III, or any of the other slide scanners on the market.
... The images produced by the Nikon LS-1000 and the newer Nikon LS-2000 are virtually identical if you do not use the LS-2000's excellent Digital Ice defect removal technology (which is also in the Coolscan III) .
... I will compare the images from my LS-1000 with the Olympus ES-10, and make reference to scans of the same slides I made in the past with the extremely high-end 48 bit Leafscan film scanner.

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