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Critique Briefs

sent in by readers

Review of: Carter Artist

Reviewer comments:
      The review request said: full-time Graphic Artist for an award winning Creative Arts team. I'm sorry to say that I was unimpressed, not only with the site design, but with the actual designed pieces.
      I would HIGHLY recommend taking some classes on typography and design as well as taking a look at well designed pieces for inspiration. Your type face choices need complete reconsideration and none of the pieces have a clear, understandable thought process behind them. You could look at "HOW Design Magazine" and "PRINT" Magazine, they showcase some good work.
      I apologize for the harsh feedback but I feel as though you have a LONG way to go in your design work and the creative thought process you begin with. Not professional at all but the good news is that there is more potential in all of us. I am still working to grow better with every project I do.
Reviewed by Becky.

Review of: The Toronto District School Board

Reviewer comments:
      I like the colour choice. Pleasant not harsh. Nice logo design with apple design. However, colour scheme of entire site does not completely reflect that of the logo. Buttons seem inappropriate for this design. They are too thick & "fat" for the delicacy of other images & font selectiion. Nice photo collages. The menu navigation is simple. However, the pages are not consistently aligned. Some pages are center aligned while others are left justified.
      Upload time is quick. My hardware is Mac OS X Netscape 7.0
Reviewed by Devi Multimedia

Review of: Teenopolis

Reviewer comments:
      Easy on the eye graphically, many sites like to "dazzle" with flash and pop banners and animated gifs. This site sticks to a few primary colours throughout which is good.

I see there's also the option of buying clothing online, hope there security levels are up too scratch because I for one am always apprehensive when it comes to buying things online.
      In sumary, it should appeal to tween or young teens 10 - 16 with news that pertains to them. Good effort
Reviewed by Shaun Oakes

Review of: Alexander Sadoya Art Gallery

Reviewer comments:
      Artwork: great. Nice colours & shapes. Would like to see those abstract forms reflected in the design of the site.

Reviewed by Devi Multimedia

Review of: Marietta Contact Lens

Reviewer comments:
      Very easy to use & smooth. Nice rollovers. Good use of logo images.


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