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Critique Briefs

sent in by readers during August, 2004

Review of: The Galvez Family Web site

Reviewer comments:
      Some would think that creating a home page for your family to use all around the country/world is an easy task. You have a controlled audience and direct contact with the end users. It's not that easy, so I have found out myself while trying to create a homepage for my family.

Design seems to be your strong point, but work on the usability. Just a few tweaks and you'll have a beautiful and usable site for your family to enjoy! There is a great book I have just started reading. I've only read the first 5 chapters, but have already learned things that are useful. It's call "Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usabilty," by Steve Krug. It's a thin book and easy to read (lots of pictures!).
Happy designing!

Review of: Mountain Monarch Adventures

Reviewer comments:
      This site is very informative for the traveller, who are planing to go on the adventure treks, peak climging, Cultural tours in Nepal, Tibet tours and treks. It has very attactive layout and lots of link are created so the viewers have required information from any page.
Reviewed by Pradip Kumar Limbu

Web Review Comments: Sorry Pradip, but our reviewers had a bit different reaction. The site seems to be too cluttered with little or no separation between sections that should be separated. Additionally, the font sizes utilized are far too small for good use.

Review of: http://www.nomadink.com/

Reviewer comments:
      My observations is as follows.

Overall the site has an original look and feel. I think if you make some of these tweaks, you will be all right good luck
Reviewed by jerry tamburro

Web Review Comments: Jerry missed one element that should be mentioned: the fact that it's all either graphics or SWF files means the user cannot change type size in their browser. Our reviewers found the site unacceptable because the font size is sub-7 points, unreadable on the web. This designer is not careful to support a wide array of monitors and systems.

Review of: Google Yahoo Msn Positioning

Reviewer comments:
      Our reaction to the site was that its content, tools and links were helpful to Webmasters and Internet marketers. It would be difficult to come across the free online resources, listed on the site on one's own; we will bookmark it for future reference.

The page loaded quickly, due to the few graphics on it. The bare-bones "HTML" lay-out of the homepage was probably intentional to emphasis it's content and eliminates diversions; however, it would be more interesting with some effort to design it, and to add colors to an almost completely gray-motif site.

It is questionable whether so much should have been placed on one page, but because of the easy to read "print-format" design it navigated
Reviewed by Linda Rosario


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