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Critique Briefs

sent in by readers during October, 2004

Review of: Painting by Anne Stahl

Reviewer comments:
      Yes the look and feel match very good. Visually I would say it aligned sense of what the site is all about. Sure very plain site but clear what it is about. My initial reaction was that the site is simple so there was not much of a reaction.

Reviewed by James SLade, Sladeville

Review of: James Anderson Unofficial Site

Reviewer comments:
      Good site, but appears to be lacking a male element, too feminine, good pictures, no spam, too many girls hang out on that site, typical cricket fansite, but site editor appears to be quite knowledgeable about cricket, staunch member of the Barmy Army, loves test cricket, seems a purist.
      Quite sociable, user-friendly, polite & loves what she does. All in all, a good site but can be improved upon to a great extent, on a scale of 1-10,(10 being the highest value), I'll give it 6.5-7/10.

Reviewed by Divya Narayan

Review of: Georgetown Universiry Parent's Site

Reviewer comments:
      I enjoyed this site very much, although the type is quite often too small, and the content doesn't re-size to fit my browser window. I am over 50, and am finding web sites increasingly using type that is too small. I also like to keep my browser window just a little bit narrower than my 17" screen allows (at 1024 resolution), and when the sites aren't flexible to compress to fit that width it peeves me.
      It's also very annoying to have to scroll the frame over each time I load a new page.
      Other than that, the colors are nice, and their gel buttons look just like my iMac interface, except they're purple, so I feel right at home. All the pictures are nice and loaded quickly.

Reviewed by Roberta B, New Jersey

Review of: Black Hills Pow Wow Association

Reviewer comments:
      WOW! This is the first time I ever thought about reviewing a web site, but when I looked at this one listed under your "nonprofit organizations" listing I really was glad I came. The information is really interesting (See: He Sapa), and the story about Ohiya Ku Win - Gabrielle, the newly crowned 2004 He Sapa Princess.
      On the down side, the site seemed to be a little congested and cluttered -- like they're trying to say too much in a single window. The content would be much better if I could concentrate on it without all the surrounding clutter. I would have liked to see a better picture of the Ohiya Ku Win ceremony, and even more importantly more photos of the event so I can really get the flavor of the Black Hills Pow Wow culture.
      If they step back and realize the importance of what they have to say, rather than the decoration of saying it, their audiences would get a lot more enjoyment from the site and come back a lot more often.

Reviewed by Jeremy K, Chicago, IL

Review of: Internet personals/dating site

Reviewer comments:
      I didn't go to this site looking for personals, but came here to review it since the button to the site on top of it was already dead. I cannot understand why people want you to review their sites then let the links go dead. Anyway, the site creator said:
      "This site is online because I wanted to provide a better site than what's available at a reasonable cost. Having used these type of sites off and on and knew I could do better and be more responsive than the bigger name sites. I particularly interested on what you think of the home page.
      Well, in my opinion, they need to do a lot of work to fulfill their promises -- in my opinion the site sucks. First of all the searches really don't work. I searched intentionally for a "male" and it only gave me female results. In the results screen, all of the photos were broken. So I could not see any of the potentials. I returned and searched again, this time looking for females, and females is what I got.
      Yes, the home page looks nice and inviting. The pictures are nice and the links show up. However, it's a bust to click for more info and get the sign-up page.
      I don't think this is a legitimate site to critique. I think they posted the site just to get people to come and sign up. You cannot see or do anything really until you take out one of their accounts. Then you have to give your email address. I didn't do it because I'm getting enough spam already.

Reviewed by Margaret J, Dallas, TX


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