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**** Barber Brothers - Most Popular Site of the February Review listing! This Ogden UT site is geared for automobile sales, and future car buyers.

*** Charles Downer & Co. (Ontario CANADA) strictly Business to Business middle agency of packaging equipment manufacturers.

*** MAXIMUM Bob!
for music fans aged 10-100, who posesss a sense of humor! The official website for the New York City-area band MAXIMUM bob. Sounds! You can sample from the band's debut CD!

** Swanky a new e-zine for artists of various media to promote artist's of all mediums collaborating and sharing ideas.

Visions Unlimited visionsry art with spiritual/metaphysical orientation. Needs to grow... but we'll be back.
Lisa sort of sums up WD&R Staffer's opinions for these Reviews:

"Reviewing this month's sites, the overall reaction was wholly disappointed in all but 2 of the sites, Swanky and C. Downer and Assoc.

Other writers observed:
"... none were compelling nor enjoyable to visit."

Lisa comments:
As great as the web can be for content, the design aspects have been thrown out the window. When "desktop publishing" was introduced, anyone with a computer thought that they could be graphic designers. Now, the same is happening with the web.
__ It takes more than HTML to make a web page. People are NOT seduced by goofy animated type and gradient fills. I'm thinking of making a web page devoted to design tips for the web for non-designers (I haven't seen any that I thought were satisfactory).
__ The main complaints that I have are that most pages include too much information or too little -- either it's the "let's put all this cool stuff in here" or it's "let's put some centered type and a logo on it."
__ Graphic Designers, we are still needed, even though many people think that all this free info about web page design is available! Our expertise is still valuable. However, I rely on a programmer for lots of networking and web programming advice. I'll stick to my field.
__ Clip art, fonts, and animations do not a beautiful web page make. I suggest that people research nice web pages and (gasp!) read books and magazines on design for some basic advice before embarking on a page design disaster.
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