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Double Eagle Website Review | Critique | & WebDesign & Review
Double Eagle Website Review | Critique | & WebDesign & Review
(Note that this URL is now dead.
The good ones die young!)

If you're reading our other reviews this month, this is a perfect example of content prioritizing.

Reviewed by Jennifer Robertson

J. Allan Dunagan sent in a tip to visit "The Official Web Site for Web Golfers" and we followed it. This online zine boasts a well crafted website with all kinds of information for the golfer, from Ashworth to Zevo...from Pro tips to Golf Real Estate.
__ The site is nicely done with clearly defined content pointers. The 'feature' article, usually a different golf course each month, is dressed up to catch the viewer's eye.
__ The lead story is obvious in it's decoration, and is positioned on the page to get top deck readership. All other supportive information and links are secondary.
__ Eventhough we usually complain about small reverse type in illustrations or photos due to the low resolution on the web, Double Eagle has done well and made sure it's easy to read.
__ Although the "deal of the week" is a little obvious, it's functional and not plopped in the stream of eyeflow.
Note also how well the color scheme works -- the dark greens, and tan/yellows all coming together to highlight the content areas. Another item for beginning designers to note is the separation between items. Remember that famous design rule: Is something is related, put it together... if something is different make it very different." The webcrafters at Double Eagle have done just that by giving 'resting' space between the visual clusters of links and blurbs. __ We also liked the black/reverse type topic tabs that give the reader very clear direction into the various content wells.
If you take a snoop around and read some of the information, you'll see that the quality and thought in the site is a good indication of quality content -- upon arrival, the reader knows the information here is good.

Nicely done, Double Eagle Golf!

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